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After-College Bound, or "How much money am I throwing your way?"

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Over the weekend, I had a chance to visit Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with UE's Honors Program. As a creative writing senior knee-deep in graduate school applications to an MFA program, it was nice to physically visit at least one of the schools I'm applying to—and, subsequently, to take a break from the ridiculous world of personal statements, teaching statements, writing samples, GRE scores, and the back catalogue of everything I've done ever since freshman year of college (oddly a lot more than I could have imagined).

Dressing Business Professional Today!


Today I have a very important meeting at my internship, which is why I am dressed in full business professional.  I am very excited to be attending this meeting because I will be presenting a proposal for funding for a new project the company would like to start.  After spending the past week or so researching and drafting the proposal, my supervisor had me present it directly to the company's CEO and president.  He throughly enjoyed my presentation and then asked me to attend this meeting as well where we will request the funding.  Let's hope it goes well! :) 

Health, Language, and Life: A Complete Immersion


Last week was my first time on the units of the hospital in Hangzhou. We divided our time between the operating room, endoscopy, same day surgery, and the eye hospital. It was fascinating to tour the units and observe the patients and the nurses. I appreciated being able to ask the nurses questions regarding their care and their units. I learned that patients are required to have family members at their bedside during the duration of their hospital stay. This ensures that the patient’s needs are met. While touring the units, I have found that the roles of nurses in China and the United States are very similar. They both carry the same responsibilities of administering medications, educating, and providing treatments. The nurses in China, however, do most of the primary care on their own and heavily rely on the family members to care for their loved-ones. The emergency room was also a fascinating experience. From a foreigner’s perspective the department appeared disorganized. But as the nurse explained each of the department’s sections, I began to understand the layout and organization of the unit.

Harlaxton Trip Planning: With the School or Solo?

LlanfairFor a lot of UE students, planning for Harlaxton is an exciting and stressful process. Budgets, plane tickets, packing, it all gets a little overwhelming especially as the semester workload at home is picking up. Luckily, for all you UE students interested in the Harlaxton experience there are approximately 150 voices on this side of the pond who love to share their advice. In Skyping friends on campus from my manor house (they insist we call it that, I still prefer “castle”) at Harlaxton, I’m finding that the question that comes up most is “Which school trips should we go on?” The short answer to that question is you have to do what works for you, however I’m going to use this blog to give you future Harlaxton Lions a few pros and cons to traveling with the school.


Bush Twins Come to UE

IMG 7425Feeling blessed to attend a university that hosted Jenna Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush tonight! The doors were open to all who wanted to hear about their incredible humanitarian work. The campus was buzzing all day awaiting their arrival! 

Three Textbook Tips

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Textbooks are a hefty expense in college, and not included conveniently into the rest of the dues and fees assessed in your tuition bill.  With the hope of saving money here are three things I have learned to lessen textbook bills the last two years:

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Finally Some Sunshine!


Such a beautiful day as I was walking to class this morning! It has been a long and dreary type of week in Evansville, so seeing the sun out today was wonderful after all of the rain and cloudy days.

Shake It Off

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While Evansville can be a small city to explore, the possibilities to travel during breaks (such as this past fall break) are fantastic. You have choices such as Louisville, Nashville, Indianapolis, New Harmony amongst others. This past Monday some friends and I decided to take a one day trip to St. Louis (you will find a picture of us in St. Louis at the bottom of the post).

Go Pro Shares Fall Amid Connection to Ski Accident


As a finance major at the university, I take a keen interest in news pertaining to the stock market. A story that grabbed my attention this week was the sudden 10% drop in the share price of Go Pro. Shares sank after Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher, suffered a head injury following a ski accident in the French Alps. Go Pro ties into this situation because Michele's son claims that his father's injuries are due in part to the camera that was strapped to his helmet at the time of the accident.
After the story released, the share price dropped from $82.16 to as low as $74.30 and finally ended the day at $76.68. This was an atrocious day for Go Pro considering the stock price has soared since its IPO debut of $24 back in June, 2014. 

To learn more about the accident and analysts expectations of the future of Go Pro, check out the following links:

Hangzhou, home away from home

Pastry package, Love the bakeries here.

Each day when I get up it amazes me that I am in China. The apartment that we are staying would lead you to believe that we were back in Evansville. Then you go outside. Hangzhou has 8.8 million people living in about 6,500 square miles. That is adding 2 million people to Indiana’s population and being in an area the size of New Jersey. Traffic is an issue, but it really is controlled chaos. (reminds me of being on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier) It astounds me that there are not more accidents or injuries. The main transportation is via bike, bus, moped, walking, or if you are one of the lucky few who are allowed to have a car, then you drive. Finding a parking spot is a whole other subject. I am excited to say I have been walking more (a lot more) and my joints are reminding me that I am not as young as I once was, but I let the gang to go on and I will slowly get to where we are going. Also I have a good sense of direction so if we do get split up, I can still make it back to the apartment!

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