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The Power of Social Media


We are the generation that has gotten to experience the growth and development of social media, because it has coincided so well with our own growth and development. From the younger years of social media (Xynga, MySpace) to the more mature, modern developments (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), we have been there every step of the way, willfully signing up and experiencing most, if not all, of them. 

Busy No More!


I feel like I heard somewhere that senior year was pretty easy and a blast and that was why it was so easy to get senior-itis before taking the next step in the journey of life or something like that. I'm here to tell you right here and right now that it's not true. This last month of college is easily one of the most hectic of my college career, but for all the best reasons. I'm currently in the midst of two (count 'em: TWO) capstone projects, an honors project, I just finished a show, I'm sewing a costume for a show coming up, I'm searching for a summer job, and I've slowly started packing up my belongings in Evansville, Indiana so that I can leave after graduation. I'm also currently in the midst of learning an Australian accent, theoretical makeup designing Peter Pan, and trying to find time to master the ukelele. 

Music Therapy in the NICU


Every Wednesday morning, I get to play music for and sing to babies.  How awesome is that?!  My future career as a music therapist is going to be challenging and joyful, and I’m so very excited.  At UE, music therapy students are fortunate to get at least six semesters of practicum experience.  We learn by doing, being assigned a site in the community to observe and provide music therapy while being guided and supervised.  My final practicum before graduation is in the St. Mary’s Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  It has been a great experience learning the many aspects of using music therapy in the NICU and working with babies and their families. 

Something new, something old

Screen Shot 2014 04 15 at 12.10.49 PM

I don't try new things as often as I should.  But that feeling of not knowing what to expect is a high that I enjoy each time there is an opportunity.  I blogged a few months ago about "Firsts" and so many new things have happened since then, here's another look at first-time happenings!  

My Hectic April (So Far)


This past week has been absolutely crazy. Besides class, homework and work (on campus and Old Navy, thank you very much), I’ve had readings to attend, conferences at which to present, presentations to give, emails to graduate schools to send—it’s been a very “collegy” week for sure.

Senior Recital

recital Ms. D

One of the most exciting and culminating points of a music major’s college career is her senior recital.  As I reported in a previous blog post, my original recital date of March 2 was snowed out!  I was finally able to perform on March 23, on a beautiful, sunny day.

Is this where I left my Physics homework?


College is viewed by most people that have been through it as the best 4 years (or 6 or 8 years) of their lives. Sometimes it is important to remind oneself of this, and to not get too worked up over an assignment or imminent test. Instead of studying for a physics test I have in approximately 14 hours, I'm typing this. You may look at this as procrastination, but I view it as trying to enjoy my time at college. So instead of memorizing the electromagnetic spectrum, I'm going to tell you how I spent my past weekend. (Hint: I did not spend my weekend studying.) 

3 Things I wish I would've done to prepare for college


1. Buy a smaller laptop

Five YouTube Study Breaks


When you need a study break, these five YouTube videos will provide a lot of laughter and enjoyment in only a minute or two.   Taking breaks while studying is quite healthy—and necessary—and instead of spending an hour on Netflix, try these little videos instead. :) community


Now I didn't choose to attend UE because of the weather...if I had I'd be in warm and sunny place like Texas.  I didn't choose UE because of the bustling city - seeing as I'm from the Chicago suburbs - Evansville doesn't quite compare.  I chose UE because of the academic programs offered and the opportunities for career preparation.  

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