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Being "uncool" and other college tips

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Mentors are one thing I think college students need, as I have briefly written about previously (What college students need).

Senior Reading on Thursday!

If you have the time, you should head on over to the Melvin Peterson Gallery tomorrow at 4pm to hear some awesome creative writing seniors read their work. It'll be a great time. Don't miss it!


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As the weather gets warmer and finals get closer, you need to find motivation to remain focused on studying before classes end for the summer.  Sometimes motivation might be the escape to go for a run as a study break or tossing a Frisbee around with friends.  With final exams next week, here's what's keeping my nose in the books...for a few more days...

Closing Time

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The semester is coming to a close and we are not quite ready for it yet. It's amazing to realize how much we have done and seen in our time here. Many of us will attribute our semester at Harlaxton to many positive changes in our lives. There are a hundred reasons why we love Harlaxton and why it has changed our lives and world views, and honestly, we probably aren't even aware of all the ways that Harlaxton has altered us and made us grow. What we do know for sure is that certain aspects of our lives will never again be the same... 

Mexico V Paraguay

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A couple weeks ago Mexico and Paraguay played a friendly match in Arrowhead stadium. I was lucky enough to volunteer at the game which meant I could watch the if from the corner flag. Afterwards, I helped translate the press conference from Spanish to English. 

Fall 2015 Predictive Modeling Team Selected

Cognitive Science Modeling Lab

The Cognitive Science Modeling Lab is pleased to announce that the following students were selected to participate on the predictive modeling team for the 2015 NFL season: Team leader and senior, Jacob Green (cognitive science), sophomore Jacob Ball (computer science), senior Andrey Biryuchinskiy (finance and economics), junior Austin Cibulka (mechanical engineering), junior Alycia Olson (cognitive science), sophomore Torin Madden (marketing), senior Evan Snider (creative writing and marketing), and sophomore Daniel Waskeiwicz (exercise science/pre-physical therapy). The team of eight members represents all four of UE's colleges and, as such, each member brings a unique skill set to a common enterprise. We are pleased by the formation of this team and look forward to a successful Fall project in predictive modeling.

The Countdown

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Flowers are blooming and people are sneezing. Spring has officially hit and all of us can tell that the end of the semester is coming quickly. Due dates for papers are approaching and we have many more weekends of traveling behind us than lie ahead. Day by day we feel the bittersweet emotions that come from the thought of leaving this magical place. The majority of us are excited to head home soon and see our families, but we all struggle to imagine leaving as well. No matter whether the desire to leave is there or not, each one of us has something we will miss and we will leave a piece of ourselves here when we leave. 
There are some parts of being at Harlaxton that we will definitely miss the most:
Experiencing the cultural differences
Trying the cuisine while traveling
Gazing in awe at the churches of Europe 
Appreciating that love is alive and well all over the world
Those incredible sunsets.... 
Exploring Grantham and all the culture it has to offer us right here at home
Participating in school activities and events with our classmates each week (in a super casual setting, of course)
Waking up to this view each day ( aka feeling blessed beyond belief)

What college students need

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College students likely won’t admit this, and in all honesty may not even realize it, but there are things we miss about home when we’re away at college.  There are things we just can’t fulfill between the dozens of offices, clubs, and classes found on campus.  Following are my amalgamated observations and experiences about what I think it is we meddling-marriage-delaying-millennials need, though we may try to convince you we don’t.

Bonfires and a Need for Winter Attire

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Any student that participated in last weekened's trip to the Lake District will describe it as, "the most fun I've ever had while being miserable". Now, I know it makes no sense how being miserable could ever be a good time, but it was! Some of us spent Friday braving the incredibly cold temperatures, treacherous terrain, and snowy heights during a hike. Others spent the day doing less intense hiking trails, relaxing on the town, or trying their hand at other outdoor activities. No matter what each student did, there's no question that they enjoyed it and got an experience they will never forget. 

Team member: Craig


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