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Getting to Know Wade Mobley

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Greetings everybody,

More than PB&J

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Wanted to give you a look at what it looks like, at least for me, to have no meal plan and stick to a budget for groceries each week.   I’m trying to eat healthy (goes along great with working out, from my last blog post,, so with that in mind here’s what grocery shopping resulted in for me yesterday:

3 Cool Spots for Hot Coffee


The weather is beginning to change and those blistery fall winds are accompanied so wonderfully by a warm mug of coffee. Being a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, I am always sure where to go when anyone needs a cup-of-joe. Although UE has a coffee shop on campus, Jazzman’s Café, I no longer have a meal plan, and it’s nice to take a little walk off campus for some coffee. Here are three of my favorite local coffee shops near campus (in no particular order):



If there’s one thing I can recommend for a college student it’s to MOVE. Dance, skip, drive, walk, run, do something that makes you move. Stagnancy is the only way to ensure that you will hate college. College kids are always on the move, especially at UE: nursing students darting off to clinicals, education majors cramming a sandwich in their mouth on their way to an internship, business graduates hopping a bus to a job interview. Sometimes though, it’s nice to move just for the sake of moving, not headed anywhere or doing anything. My movement of the week was biking. A change of scenery, smells, and textures in the landscape was exactly what I needed to refresh and “reground” myself after the excitement of arriving at Harlaxton.

How NOT to be a Total Failure in College: 3 Tips


1. Do not question "free."

Chasing Cars

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Now I must say, Evansville is in fact a small town (especially if you are used to big cities like St. Louis, Indianapolis, Philly, etc.) but it has a special something that other cities cannot offer, let me tell you why.

Freshman Fails: 4 things I would tell my freshman self

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As a junior now, what I would tell freshman me two years ago as I arrived on campus... 

Thinking Out Loud


So I guess the best thing to do would be to talk a bit about myself to begin with. My name is Oscar Gomez, I am s sophomore international student from El Salvador, but I currently reside in Costa Rica. I am double majoring in Marketing and Business Management and I must be completely honest with you, living in Evansville has been fantastic so far!

Back to my Big City

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London was a homecoming for me, metaphorically speaking. I haven’t ever actually lived in London, but after a year and summer in Evansville I was craving a big city atmosphere again and sunk easily into the waves and energy of the metropolis. While expressing this to my friends back home they asked why I was still excited to return to UE in the spring if it felt so small. My answer was quick: UE is a small campus, but its opportunities are huge. I’m writing this blog in ENGLAND. I’ve just returned from the Harlaxton weekend trip to London – a city mashup of history and modernism in its architecture and its people - so few people get to do this. While I’m still exploring this side of the pond, I can just say that I’m thankful for a university that realized they needed to send me out to find my place and my education.

Embrace the Ace

Posing as Ace Purple

 Hey everyone- my name is Jenn Pickles and I’m one of the new student bloggers! I have just begun my senior year at the University of Evansville. I am majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in English as a New Language. I am hoping to one day teach abroad, but for now I am enjoying student teaching at a local elementary school. After moving from Toronto, ON to Evansville at a young age, I have grown up loving this city.

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