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Guatemala: First Impressions

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Once we arrived at the Guatemalan airport, we were surprised to see no big difference between here and small American airports. The main difference seemed to be that the majority of the people going through the airport were part of mission groups clearly identifiable by their matching brightly colored t-shirts. We met our rides outside and piled into two passenger vans. They tied our luggage to the top and made our way toward Panajachel, where we would be staying for the next week.

Our plays are the best plays

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Performances at UE are always a pleasure to watch, from the actors to the costume designs to the sets. Every time, I leave Shanklin Theatre in awe at my fellow students' skills, and it's really no wonder that UET is one of the best programs in the country. As a senior, I am sad to say goodbye to the four plays a year I've become so accustomed to, but I hope to catch as many as I can, no matter where life takes me.

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March Madness

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With Spring just around the corner and time flying faster than ever, Harlaxton students are clinging to each day and hoping it slows down. We have had so many incredible travels and an equal amount of good times while at the manor. The last week has given us the opportunity to travel to Southwell and see a workhouse and to explore Harlaxton and learn about much of the building's history. It was amazing to see the areas of Harlaxton that we had never been able to see before. There's so much to learn here and we will have only scratched the surface after we leave here. Our lives are changing from our experiences, relationships, and the knowledge we are gaining each day at our new home! 


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Spring break is right around the corner and yet we are about to get covered in snow again later on today! I am very excited for this to happen because our campus only gets prettier when it is covered in snow. I can't wait to be able to walk to class as the snowflakes hit my face on their way down and hopefully I will even be able to go out with my friends and have a snowball fight or build a snowman. Who knows, perhaps we might even get a snowday and all of the students will get to rest, study and play in the snow throughout the day! I will attach a picture of the last snow day here on campus below and like always be sure to check my related music video which today happens to be Snow by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Name: Daniel 

Spring is Coming!


As the snow is slowly beginning to melt, students are keeping busy studying for midterms and finalizing spring break plans! This next week of classes is the only thing between me and warm sand between my toes! My brother and I will be in the Caribbean for break, and that will be the perfect fix as it has been freezing down here in Southern Indiana. It has been a busy week for me- both in and out of the pool. I've had two tests this week and the swim team is preparing for our conference championships next week in Geneva, Ohio! I can't wait to compete in my last meet of the year and be somehwere 80 and sunny the days following the meet! 

You won't stay in Evansville

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When you arrive in Evansville to attend UE, you won’t stay here.  I don’t mean you’re bound to transfer, but when you head to college I’ve noticed the tendency is then to continue to travel.  It’s almost as if college sets you in motion and that takes you to new places near and far from campus.  Two weekends in a row I’m able to visit a new city, last week was Bloomington and this weekend it’s Cincinnati!

Time Flies When You're Flying Around the World

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It is absolutely crazy to think about how long we have been at Harlaxton so far! Time is flying by so fast and we have extremely mixed feelings about it. Most of us have some feelings of homesickness and miss our American lifestyles, but we will still struggle to get on the plane when the end of April comes around.

A Morning Surprise

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Came into the office this morning with this sitting on my desk. We won the MLS Cup in 2013 and as part of the celebration, Sporting KC teamed up with Boulevard Brewing to make a campionship ale. It makes a nice paper weight in my cubicle! 

Snow Day!

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Woke up this morning to about three inches of snow covering my apartment and a lovely message from UE informing me that classes have been canceled for the day!  While I am more than ready for some warm weather to be here, what student doesn't love getting a snow day?!  It is especially great getting snow days in college because you don't have to worry about making up the missed days at the end of the year. I'll be spending most of my snow day watching some movies and making hot chocolate (and probably getting some inevitable studying and homework done too).  But at least we get a little break from classes and can spend the day relaxing at home!

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