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The Cognitive Science Modeling Lab

IMG 1001

 The various members of our "Predicting the NFL" team do most of their work in the Cognitive Science Modeling Lab (CSML). We are fortunate to have recently added a TV and an XBOX to the space, and so it seems fitting to describe in more detail the functionality of the lab at this time. We start here with the equipment wall:

UE in the News


UE may be a small school - 2,800 students strong - in southwestern Indiana...but that doesn't mean that no one outside of a 50 miles radius has heard of us.  Here's just five articles in the past year about the University of Evansville and the impact our students and staff are having here and abroad.

Summer of '69

describe the image

Welcome to the year 2015!

Job Searching - Two Tips for Success

As a senior, a large part of my free time (what little free time I have haha) is spent job searching.  Pouring over ads, UE Joblink, and search engines in any spare moment I have.  It can quickly get overwhelming for anyone!  But, thanks to the help of UE, Career Services, and the Career Success department in my school of business, I am at least prepared to accomplish this daunting task of finding a job.  So, to all other seniors and future graduates I have two simple pieces of my own advice that I'd like to share to help you through the process as well!

1.) Take advantage of the help and resources available to you!  

Presenting to the Board of Directors

Market Research

Last semester in Dr. Y´s market research class, I worked a market research project for A.O Smith, a multinational water systems manufacturer. A U.E alumni is the CEO of A.O Smith and as part of the project, the group that had the best presentation was selected to present to the Board of Directors. My group and I were selected!

#1 Study Abroad Program- IN THE COUNTRY!


In a recent article by, the University of Evansville was ranked first for having the top study abroad program in the nation! This news has made us all very proud back here at UE! International studies is at the heart of Evansville's mission, with over 60% of students having studied abroad. UE makes it possible for everyone to have an international experience. Whether you are studying creative writing or mechanical engineering, students of all disciplines can study abroad very affordably. 

Representing One NFL Game: Cardinals vs. Chargers


UE Senior Marketing and Creative Writing Major Evan Snider is busy today creating a visualization of the Cardinals vs. Chargers game played this past Septemer 8th. The football field is represented by the green line above. The lines below represent the back and forth motion of the ball at various time indices in the game. Cardinal possession is in red; the Chargers are in blue. 

Top of the Charts

IMG 0003 resized 600

Our class not only has the oppotunity to experience Harlaxton College as so many have before us, but we also get to be here as it is awarded Top Study Abroad Program by Best College Reviews. All of us here can say we completely agree with this honor and feel proud of our new home. The time we have spent here has given us new experiences, helped us create new memories, and most importantly, given us a chance to truly appreciate this beautiful world we live in. 


The Complete Beginner's Guide to Evansville

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Every subculture has it’s own vernacular.  Here at Evansville you’ll hear terms like sleeves, Ski, and grassy knoll thrown around.  This is a quick low-down on who’s where, what’s what, and whatchamacallits.

Off and Running with the NFL

Beavers NFL resized 600

This semester the Cognitive Science Program launched a special internship experience for those interested in predictive modeling. After a decade of work on various approaches to prediction under the auspices of "Doc" Beavers using largely toy datasets, the program has now moved out to a real world "stochasitic" environment. The topic for the predictive work consists of the games of this past NFL season. Fourteen students have joined the team. They come from all four of the university's colleges. Some have backgrounds in math, computer science and modeling, while others are working on the project because of their familiarity with the game. A few played high school ball. One was a quarter back, another a wide receiver. The team also consists of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

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