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Why I Love UE'S Size


When I was looking at colleges, I knew that I really wanted to go to a small school. Now, I know that this choice isn’t for everyone, but for someone as introverted and intent on personal relationships as I am, the thought of going to a huge school was absolutely overwhelming. And I do not at all regret my decision. Although there are a few advantages one tends to lose when going to a big school (with the crazy amounts of funding these often have), I love UE’s relatively small, intimate size—it leads to a unique, far more personal experience than otherwise.

My "I should blog so I get paid" Blog


I think it's pretty neat that my school pays me money to type about my experiences and express my opinions on things through this blog. However, in order to get paid, I need to blog twice per month. Seeing as it is now March 17 and I haven't blogged yet this month, I figured now would be a good time to do just that. Unfortunately, I don't have anything exciting to tell you about, but I will make some things up that make it look like I do lots of fun things.


The crew!

I've never been one to go all out for Spring Break. Most years, I go home and relax for a week, and my freshman year I stayed in Evansville due to a show that I was in. This year, however, a bunch of my friend let me know that they were going on a trip, and asked if I wanted to come along. They warned me that it could get a little crazy, the food was amazing, and that I'd probably be a changed person by the time I came back to Evansville, Indiana.  

Writers Hanging Out: My Trip to AWP

ER Staff Selfie

Since sophomore year, when I first learned that the AWP (association of writers and writing programs) conference was a thing that existed, I have wanted to go. "You mean every year a bunch of writers go to one place and, like, hang out? Sign me up!"

5 Steps to Cooking in College

pumpkin cookies

Because when you have to learn how to cook for yourself, it's helpful to have some support in the process. 

Sunday Snow Day


This Sunday turned out quite a bit differently than I had planned.  Yesterday, I knew there was a chance that the weather would be bad, but I didn’t let myself fully believe it because 1) the weather forecast changed every few hours and 2) I wanted my senior violin recital to happen no matter what.   I had lots of family and friends planning on coming to hear me play, my dress rehearsal went smoothly on Friday, and I was completely prepared to perform. 

What IS "The College Experience" Anyway?


     You know, after almost four years of college, you’d think that I’d know what The College Experience is…but I really don’t. If you believe pop culture myths, it involves a lot of parties and drinking, an improbably-interesting love life, a bedtime around 3 AM, and maybe, occasionally, attending a class or two.

A T-shirt For Haiti

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Over the past week, in just about 100 hours the UE community donated 351 t-shirts to be sent to Haiti over spring break!  This was an incredible event and I was amazed throughout by the support of so many people across campus!  

Confession: I didn't want to go to UE


I may be considered a better PR representative if I told you that the first time I stepped on campus I knew UE was the place for me.  That as I looked around I knew I'd spend the next few years here, and that day the grass seemed greener, the sky bluer, and the squirrels fatter.  

Musical Madness - A UE Tradition!

Musical Madness Cast

This weekend marked my last Musical Madness performance ever! How bitter-sweet. After hours of writing, memorizing, and rehearsing, four University of Evansville group pairings put on a great show for what I would guess to be around 800 or more guests!

Musical Madness is a competition that has been a UE tradition for many years. University organizations are paired to work together and create an original musical script in line with the annual theme. This year's theme was "Once Upon at Time at UE".

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