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Off and Running with the NFL

Beavers NFL resized 600

This semester the Cognitive Science Program launched a special internship experience for those interested in predictive modeling. After a decade of work on various approaches to prediction under the auspices of "Doc" Beavers using largely toy datasets, the program has now moved out to a real world "stochasitic" environment. The topic for the predictive work consists of the games of this past NFL season. Fourteen students have joined the team. They come from all four of the university's colleges. Some have backgrounds in math, computer science and modeling, while others are working on the project because of their familiarity with the game. A few played high school ball. One was a quarter back, another a wide receiver. The team also consists of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

MLK Day!

IMG 3185

Martin Luther King Day is a favorite day for many college students across the country.  Time off from classes is always welcome, especially after a very busy first week back at school.  But today is also a day to remember the great things that have been accomplished in our history, as well as reminding ourselves of the remaining issues that face us today.  

Settling In

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Well, it’s officially time to start settling in here at Harlaxton and fully embrace it as my new and temporary home (which is not difficult in the least). Studies are picking up and students are beginning to feel the burden of looming due dates. Of course, none of us want to sacrifice a travel opportunity because we put off our assignments until the last minute, so hopefully, we can all learn some useful study techniques.

Spring Semester Already?!


I've always been told that the older you get, the faster time goes by. That has certainly held true throughout my collegiate years at UE! It's hard to believe that we are already getting back into the swing of classes, meetings, practices, and studying once again! Nevertheless, I'm very excited to be back and see all of my friends and professors again. Christmas break was a nice escape after the stress of finals week. I had the opportunity to travel out to Montana with my family, and I couldn't have asked for a better trip. The rugged Rocky Mountain peaks along with the never-ending snowfall made for some picturesque scenery! Not to mention all the snow made for some great powder to go skiing! 

Cold Start


It's the second day of the semester, and I'm already swamped. I think, "I am a senior. Seniors are supposed to do nothing, especially those in their second semester."

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The Journey to Harlaxton

Harlaxton Manor

It seems almost impossible that I have already been at Harlaxton for five days. The title of this post is exactly what it has been so far, a journey. Delayed flights, new plans, long waits, and lost baggage all have contributed to the beginning of my Harlaxton journey. However, these miniscule setbacks don’t even come close to minimizing how incredible everything else is. From the moment I stepped off the coach bus and entered the doors of this beautiful building I knew I was about to begin the greatest semester of my life. The extravagant marble, gold, wood, and stone interiors of the rooms are unlike I ever imagined. Photos truly cannot do it justice, in my opinion. 

I'm With You

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Time for three-way blog number 2!

From Within (Desde Adentro)

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Time for three-way blog number 3!

Counting Stars

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I will be completely honest, the past month has been hectic. Rehearsals, work, essays, and finals all crammed up into thirty days, and I will accept I have been absent from blogging, however let me post three different blogs of my experiences these past days. Click on the links below for direct access to each part of the blog entry. The three blogs will cover the following three things:

Sporting KC

sporting kc

My dream job is to work for a soccer club´s marketing and communcations department focusing on the hispanic market. This week was an especially good week because I recieved an internship offer from Sporting KC, the MLS team in Kansas City, to do just that! I start in February and am thrilled!

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