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Waiting game

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You’ve logged hours of driving, written and rewritten essays, sweat through interviews, suffered under proctor’s stares during standardized tests, and ultimately applied to a few choice colleges and universities.  It all revolves around that elusive question asked of high school seniors – where are you going next year?

El Sporting Kansas City


As part of my role at Sporting KC, I am in charge of the team´s communications efforts in Spanish. This past week I created content for the team´s Spanish Facebook and twitter pages. There are a great deal of Hispanics in Kansas City who love soccer so this market segment holds great potential for Sporting KC. 

On Your Marks, Get Set... TRAVEL

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A few things we have learned so far this semester:

1. The British have a rich and complex history and we're petrified of being tested on it


AWP: Comic-Con for Writers

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So what happens when you throw over 10,000 writers, editors, publishers, and students into a room full of creative writing journals and free pens?

Don't look at me. I'm not going to spoil it. 

First day at Sporting KC

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Today was my first day at Sporting KC. The beginning of my internship in the communications department. As I walked into the office today, I saw this. An excellent first sign! 

The Cognitive Science Modeling Lab

IMG 1001

 The various members of our "Predicting the NFL" team do most of their work in the Cognitive Science Modeling Lab (CSML). We are fortunate to have recently added a TV and an XBOX to the space, and so it seems fitting to describe in more detail the functionality of the lab at this time. We start here with the equipment wall:

UE in the News


UE may be a small school - 2,800 students strong - in southwestern Indiana...but that doesn't mean that no one outside of a 50 miles radius has heard of us.  Here's just five articles in the past year about the University of Evansville and the impact our students and staff are having here and abroad.

Summer of '69

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Welcome to the year 2015!

Job Searching - Two Tips for Success

As a senior, a large part of my free time (what little free time I have haha) is spent job searching.  Pouring over ads, UE Joblink, and search engines in any spare moment I have.  It can quickly get overwhelming for anyone!  But, thanks to the help of UE, Career Services, and the Career Success department in my school of business, I am at least prepared to accomplish this daunting task of finding a job.  So, to all other seniors and future graduates I have two simple pieces of my own advice that I'd like to share to help you through the process as well!

1.) Take advantage of the help and resources available to you!  

Presenting to the Board of Directors

Market Research

Last semester in Dr. Y´s market research class, I worked a market research project for A.O Smith, a multinational water systems manufacturer. A U.E alumni is the CEO of A.O Smith and as part of the project, the group that had the best presentation was selected to present to the Board of Directors. My group and I were selected!

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