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Fashionably Late


What a Wild Party!!

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Bonjour everyone,

Toto we are not in Kansas or Indiana anymore!

The Needle in downtown Shangh

Hello everyone!  Our adventure started with a misadventure.  Jaime, Nina, and I were stuck in Atlanta, Georgia, (a monsoon and a medical emergency) and that made us miss our flight to Shanghai.  Fun times!  If you ever travel to China, I would highly suggest China Eastern.  Wonderful trip!  I am very happy to say that we are safely in Shanghai and have been since Sunday.  Amy and Bill have been showing us wonderful sights and how to get around this rather LARGE city since we will be back in Shanghai at the end of our trip to come home. 

Ireland Smells Like Dolphins

It is still amazing to me how many landscapes are crammed into this tiny island called the United Kingdom. Within these last two weeks I’ve seen so much of what the UK has to offer from haunted cobblestone alleys running underground in Scotland to the high tips of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Everything still looks, sounds, and feels like a fairytale and I don’t think that’s a part of this experience that I want to stop. I love being engrossed, being wonderstruck. For me, scented memories get me wonderstruck. I realize this sounds completely crazy, but bear with me. With so many amazing things to look at while traveling I find sometimes that my eyes can’t sufficiently take everything in so my new tool for getting the most out of my Harlaxton experience is to close my eyes and smell.

I’ve compiled a short list of smells that I now associate with places and memories. If you get the chance to travel to these places someday you’ll have to tell me if you think I’m right or completely crazy :)

Fantastic Four (Part Two)

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4 Reasons I Have Remained at UE

China Expectations


After months of preparation, some uncertainty, and lots of anticipation, the time has come for us to actually travel to China. Building up to the actual trip, we have been studying some of the Chinese language learning important phrases, and we even had the privilege of making traditional Chinese dumplings. (It’s not as easy as it looks!) We also learned how to pack an entire seven weeks’ worth of belongings into a backpack and a carry on suitcase.

Global Impact at UE


Last night was just another example of how the University of Evansville truly strives make a global impact. A non-profit organization called Uncharted International, Inc. displayed a film at the Victory Theatre about the horrid truths of human trafficking in Myanmar. While the stories and images of young children taken from their families was hard to watch, Uncharted International makes a difference by establishing orphanages and employment opportunities for victims of human trafficking. After the film, I talked with marketing professor, Dr. Montgomery, as to how the university can help Uncharted International with the atrocities in Myanmar. We were brainstorming ideas of how great it would be if the school offered a study abroad/ mission trip to allow students to travel to China and Myanmar! Hopefully such an opportunity will become available in the near future!

A Nice View to Accompany a Turkey Sandwich

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On Tuesdays and Thursdays before I start my internship in Downtown Evansville, I like to ride my bike to the river and eat my lunch. This is one of my favourtie places in Evansville. 

Sales Training

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Last Sunday, U.E Alum and Market Sales Manager Cintas Corporation, Kanav Kashyp, came to speak to us Schroeder School Ambassadors about sales. Kanav is one of the top five most successful individuals in sales for Cintas Corporation! Was a very interesting and beneficial talk. 

Almost the Weekend!

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It has been a crazy busy week for me here at UE!  Somehow it seems, no matter what college you go to, that there is always at least one week of the semester where there is practically something due in every one of your classes.  Well that has been this week for me haha.  I am so ready for a break this weekend!  But, I'll be spending the rest of the day in one of SOBA's beautiful study lounges working on finishing up some papers and projects.  Thankfully I have some great music, a beautiful view, and some apple chai tea to keep me going! 

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