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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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While the title of this blog post is a 1987 movie staring Steve Martin and John Candy, it’s also quite a succinct description of how I have traveled home over the various breaks throughout college.  Not having a car makes trekking the 300 miles home to Chicago an adventure each time a break rolls around.

Don't Underestimate Disney


Now usually if I have music playing you'll hear country...Eric Church, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols.  If I'm studying and need to concentrate more I prefer just instrumental music in the background so I'm not tempted to sing along.  But this past weekend while studying for my last applied anatomy exam and doing a fair amount of stressing, Disney music was my choice on Pandora.  Mulan, Toy Story, The Lion King, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast.  There's just something about the music that takes you back to seeing those fantastic movies as a kid, brings back those "carefree, the world is mine, I can take on anything" feelings, and makes studying, well, a little bit more bearable.  

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