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What college students need

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College students likely won’t admit this, and in all honesty may not even realize it, but there are things we miss about home when we’re away at college.  There are things we just can’t fulfill between the dozens of offices, clubs, and classes found on campus.  Following are my amalgamated observations and experiences about what I think it is we meddling-marriage-delaying-millennials need, though we may try to convince you we don’t.

Waiting game

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You’ve logged hours of driving, written and rewritten essays, sweat through interviews, suffered under proctor’s stares during standardized tests, and ultimately applied to a few choice colleges and universities.  It all revolves around that elusive question asked of high school seniors – where are you going next year?

Summer of '69

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Welcome to the year 2015!

#1 Study Abroad Program- IN THE COUNTRY!


In a recent article by, the University of Evansville was ranked first for having the top study abroad program in the nation! This news has made us all very proud back here at UE! International studies is at the heart of Evansville's mission, with over 60% of students having studied abroad. UE makes it possible for everyone to have an international experience. Whether you are studying creative writing or mechanical engineering, students of all disciplines can study abroad very affordably. 

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Evansville

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Every subculture has it’s own vernacular.  Here at Evansville you’ll hear terms like sleeves, Ski, and grassy knoll thrown around.  This is a quick low-down on who’s where, what’s what, and whatchamacallits.

What to bring, what to leave?

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So after you have sent in applications, waited anxiously, and then finally chosen a college, what’s next?  Well, packing for move-in day is more than just throwing your room (and brother) into a car and trailer.   What to bring?   What to leave?  I’ve asked my roommates for their input and together we’ve come up with a few suggestions…

Surviving without a meal plan

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Dinner was a breeze Thursday night and lasted me for two more meals after that; this is a dish I would definitely recommend.  Low-cost and easy preparation!

Swim Meet in Indianapolis


Just arrived in Indianapolis for a three day swim meet! We've been training since the first full week of school and the entire team is very excited to compete this weekend at the beautiful Natatorium at IUPUI. The Natatorium has hosted various world championships and Olympic Trials! We'll be swimming in the same pool that great athletes such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have competed in. So you can imagine we're all very excited! Next week is home to one of my all time favortie holidays, Thanksgiving! As an Evansville native, I don't have too far to go! I'm very excited to relax at home with my family and eat a lot of fantastic home cooked food! I'd love to hear back from you guys as to what your Thanksgiving plans are! Feel free to comment below!

The Three E's


I am an education student and am currently student teaching at a local school. Since beginning my placement in August, I have been reminded over and over again how benefical my time at UE has been. Here are some of the ways that UE prepares students for teaching: (via

Fashionably Late

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