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Dressing Business Professional Today!


Today I have a very important meeting at my internship, which is why I am dressed in full business professional.  I am very excited to be attending this meeting because I will be presenting a proposal for funding for a new project the company would like to start.  After spending the past week or so researching and drafting the proposal, my supervisor had me present it directly to the company's CEO and president.  He throughly enjoyed my presentation and then asked me to attend this meeting as well where we will request the funding.  Let's hope it goes well! :) 

Three Textbook Tips

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Textbooks are a hefty expense in college, and not included conveniently into the rest of the dues and fees assessed in your tuition bill.  With the hope of saving money here are three things I have learned to lessen textbook bills the last two years:

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Finally Some Sunshine!


Such a beautiful day as I was walking to class this morning! It has been a long and dreary type of week in Evansville, so seeing the sun out today was wonderful after all of the rain and cloudy days.

International Friends

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 12.37.19 PM

Last week was my birthday and much to my pleasant surprise, my friend Inna from Russia, gave me some lovely Russian dolls as a present. She told me that in Russia, you can buy dolls that look like former and present political leaders. These dolls represent a modern family, as traditional families in Russia had seven members. 

Almost the Weekend!

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It has been a crazy busy week for me here at UE!  Somehow it seems, no matter what college you go to, that there is always at least one week of the semester where there is practically something due in every one of your classes.  Well that has been this week for me haha.  I am so ready for a break this weekend!  But, I'll be spending the rest of the day in one of SOBA's beautiful study lounges working on finishing up some papers and projects.  Thankfully I have some great music, a beautiful view, and some apple chai tea to keep me going! 

Fantastic Four (Part One)

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4 Reasons I Chose UE

Who You Choose to Be



"You are destined to become who you choose to be."

This is a quote originally by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who I learned was a poet and lecturer that lived during the 1800's.  However, I heard this quote for the first time tonight by a wonderful speaker at UE.  Kanav Kashyap is an extremely successful graduate of UE who came back to share his experience, knowledge, and advice with current students.  

Get to Know Me - I'm Maddy!

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Hey there!  My name is Madison Hendricks, but most of my friends just call me Maddy.  I am a senior here at UE, majoring in Business Management, Finance, and Economics.  Recently I was asked to be an ambassador for the UE Schroeder School of Business, which I am so excited about!  I absolutely love UE, my professors, and the business school as a whole so I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

Chasing Cars

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Now I must say, Evansville is in fact a small town (especially if you are used to big cities like St. Louis, Indianapolis, Philly, etc.) but it has a special something that other cities cannot offer, let me tell you why.

Thinking Out Loud


So I guess the best thing to do would be to talk a bit about myself to begin with. My name is Oscar Gomez, I am s sophomore international student from El Salvador, but I currently reside in Costa Rica. I am double majoring in Marketing and Business Management and I must be completely honest with you, living in Evansville has been fantastic so far!

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