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Baby, It's Cold Outside...


Well today I woke up to a couple of inches of gorgeous white snow. It's the first snow of the season and it came much earlier than I was expecting. While I wasn't quite ready for this crazy cold weather, it does makes our campus absolutely beautiful. It also makes me realize how close the holidays are! I love the holiday season, so I am already excited for winter break!


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What to do one random Saturday in Evansville, Indiana with a few of your bestfriends? Well, if you are bored, and all else fails, you can always go explore. This past weekend some of my best friends and I decided we did not want to stay around campus, or head to the movie theaters, or do anything ordinary.

Celebrating Founders Day!

IMG 2716

Started the weekend off right with a potluck dinner with some of my best friends and brothers of Delta Sigma Pi to celebrate the day our wonderful fraternity was founded!  Sometimes there is nothing you miss more during college than a good home cooked meal, so we love getting together for dinner! Plus, with our fraternity, much like the rest of UE's campus, we have so many different cultures that it's always interesting to see the different types of food people bring.  I can assure you it was all delicious! :)

Dinner? Done.


Struck Pinterest gold again and found an incredibly easy dinner recipe.  It was in fact so easy I threw it together during my lunch break and forgot all about it until I returned home six hours later and dinner was ready and smelling delicious!

The Three E's


I am an education student and am currently student teaching at a local school. Since beginning my placement in August, I have been reminded over and over again how benefical my time at UE has been. Here are some of the ways that UE prepares students for teaching: (via

Indiana DECA

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Just returned from a fabulous evening with some of my fellow ambassadors along with Dr. Yazdanparast and Dean Rawski here in Inidanapolis! In the morning, we'll be heading to Bankers Life Fieldhouse, home of the Pacers, for a DECA conference where we'll have the opportunity to talk to potential UE students. I was highly involved with DECA in high school and conisder it a big factor as to why I chose finance as my major. Therefore, I'm really excited to talk to high school students and share with them my DECA experience and what it is like attending the Schroeder Family School of Business!

Dressing Business Professional Today!


Today I have a very important meeting at my internship, which is why I am dressed in full business professional.  I am very excited to be attending this meeting because I will be presenting a proposal for funding for a new project the company would like to start.  After spending the past week or so researching and drafting the proposal, my supervisor had me present it directly to the company's CEO and president.  He throughly enjoyed my presentation and then asked me to attend this meeting as well where we will request the funding.  Let's hope it goes well! :) 

Three Textbook Tips

Screen Shot 2014 10 19 at 8.27.18 PM

Textbooks are a hefty expense in college, and not included conveniently into the rest of the dues and fees assessed in your tuition bill.  With the hope of saving money here are three things I have learned to lessen textbook bills the last two years:

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Finally Some Sunshine!


Such a beautiful day as I was walking to class this morning! It has been a long and dreary type of week in Evansville, so seeing the sun out today was wonderful after all of the rain and cloudy days.

International Friends

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 12.37.19 PM

Last week was my birthday and much to my pleasant surprise, my friend Inna from Russia, gave me some lovely Russian dolls as a present. She told me that in Russia, you can buy dolls that look like former and present political leaders. These dolls represent a modern family, as traditional families in Russia had seven members. 

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