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Please do not be alarmed by the capital letter explosion in the title of this post. "DO IT AGAIN" is something that my high school football coach used to scream at me (a lot) and my teammates (sometimes) when we did something incorrectly. As a result, it has become ingrained in my memory and subconscious. Fortunately, this phrase is being used this time with mucho excitement instead of with anger and frustration. I have returned to the University of Evansville for the spring semester of my sophomore year to DO IT AGAIN!

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The Best Major on Campus

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I know I've mentioned it before, but here it is again: I'm an athletic training student on the Pre-PT track. I may be a little bit biased, but I firmly believe I'm in the best major that UE offers. But instead of just telling you that and hoping you believe it, now I'll tell you why I'm in the best major on campus.

Home for the Holidays


Family is something that is easy to take for granted and ready to be rid of for a while when transitioning from high school to college.  As Simba said, 

Final stretch

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The Christmas lights almost felt out of place yesterday in the 70 degree weather.  But today winter is definitely on its way, dropping 30 degrees overnight.  Here's a couple pictures around campus of decorations and in turn some motivaton to make it through finals, and back home to friends and family.

The Best (Worst) Time of the Year


Good news friends! It's the most wonderful time of the year! We get to spend time with our loved ones, and get to stuff our faces with delicious foods like turkey and pie and mashed potatoes that actually have flavor. And we get two breaks to relax, catch up on sleep, and see our friends.

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Surrounded by Music

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As a music major, I am often surrounded by music.  Actually, almost all of the time.  This week, however, I spent an even larger portion of my time involved with music, including a few performances.  It has been quite the week:

Not-so-pro athletes, but don't count us out!

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Intramurals (IMs) are very popular here at UE and there are so many options there's bound to be one you can get involved in!  Most colleges offer intramurals, and here at UE you can bet you'll be able to make or join a team in whatever sport and competitive level you want.  Some of the sports offered include flag football, sand and indoor volleyball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee!  What about badminton, Euchre, dodgeball, futsol, and racquetball?  Got it, have it, yes, you betcha, and you should try it!  

Prioritize Your Life!


If I haven't told y'all before, I love basketball. I love playing basketball, I love watching basketball, and late at night when I'm in bed, I'm typically thinking about basketball (or cake). I think one of the reasons I think I love basketball so much is because I had an awesome coach in high school. He is a man I have a great amount of respect for, and he taught me about way more than basketball.

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Sneak Peek: UE Athletic Training Education Program


As a sophomore in the athletic training education program (ATEP) we have about six rotations throughout the school year, four rotations are six weeks long, one is four weeks long, and the other four week rotation is off!  Currently I'm with my second rotation and am assigned to men's soccer.  Here's a peek at what it's like to be at both a practice and then game day...enjoy!

Top 6 Things I Miss about High School


When I first considered what I miss about high school, I thought my list would be longer than six points.  I thought, life was so much easier back then!  Less to do, more free time, less pressure . . . life was good.  Upon further reflection, I realized that I don’t miss as much of high school as I thought.  College is pretty fabulous.  I don’t have to wake up at 6:30 every morning, I get to enjoy the independence of living on my own, I have less class time—albeit more homework—and my weeks are full of exciting and fun educational and (sometimes) recreational activities.  However, there are a few things (6, in my opinion) that make me wish—for about .2 seconds—that I were back in high school.   

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