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The Diverse and the Curious


After a missed flight, no sleep, finally finishing my homework, and a 14-hour flight, I have FINALLY made it to China!  What an experience it was.  Travelling is all about being flexible and learning how to handle things as they come.  After all, how fun would an adventure be without a few misadventures to get your adrenaline going!?

Week 1 in China


Three days after arriving in Shanghai, I am beginning to adjust to the sites and smells of a huge, busy city. After a quick dinner at my first Chinese McDonalds and a night’s sleep, I spent Sunday morning exploring Luxun Park and the surrounding streets with my professor. The park was full of individuals practicing Tai Chi, dancing, karaoke, playing card games, running, and walking. I enjoyed listening to the conversations and music that floated from one end of the park to the other. As we walked around the park we were many people stared and several individuals said “hello.” During the next few days, my professor and I ran in the park. I was amazed at the number of people who used the park in the mornings. We had to zigzag in and out of the many crowds. I saw some of the same people each morning and found it interesting to watch some of the people clapping and singing while they walked.

Why Come to Tel Jezreel?

IMG 8956 resized 600

The team at Jezreel includes several volunteers in our 50s and above who have no obvious staff or academic role. We are here as amateurs in the original sense – we study archaeology for love.

Exciting Excavation

DSC05444 resized 600

I am really enjoying my time here. The area is just beautiful and I am so excited to travel and explore the country. Excavating is tiring, but very rewarding and I am finding that once getting into "the zone" I can just keep going and completely lose track of time!

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