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Job Searching - Two Tips for Success

As a senior, a large part of my free time (what little free time I have haha) is spent job searching.  Pouring over ads, UE Joblink, and search engines in any spare moment I have.  It can quickly get overwhelming for anyone!  But, thanks to the help of UE, Career Services, and the Career Success department in my school of business, I am at least prepared to accomplish this daunting task of finding a job.  So, to all other seniors and future graduates I have two simple pieces of my own advice that I'd like to share to help you through the process as well!

1.) Take advantage of the help and resources available to you!  

UE ATEP, ATC...what does it all mean?


University of Evansville Athletic Training Education Program (UE ATEP)

Fantastic Four (Part Two)

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4 Reasons I Have Remained at UE

4 Reasons Why College Isn’t That Much Different from the Olympics


Finally, the Olympics are here!  I enjoy these few weeks every other year and always look forward to seeing athletes from around the world compete.  I’m sure the majority of people have at least once remotely thought about/dreamed/wished they were an Olympic athlete.  As I sat on the couch at my apartment at UE in between class and a meeting, pondering about how tired I was, how I had to do laundry later, and my busy day the next day, I realized—being a college student isn’t toooo far from being an Olympic athlete.  And here’s why:

10 Tips to Love Your Internship


I know many of you out there are searching for internships and may find it to be very frustrating! I have completed around 10 internships/jobs in the last 4 years, and I will admit some have been FAR more enjoyable than others. I have my Top 10 lessons learned when trying to find an internship you will actually enjoy!

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