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UE ATEP, ATC...what does it all mean?


University of Evansville Athletic Training Education Program (UE ATEP)

Imminent Departure


I would like to take this time to describe a little bit of how I felt prior to coming to China (I have now been here for 4 days).

I'm thankful for my student loan debt


I'm thankful for my student loan debt.  Now I'm not saying that if I won the lottery it would be a bitter breakup with the loan officers, or if for some reason college costs (gasp) decreased I'd be upset.  But for now as I pay for college with a combination of scholarships, loans, and money earned working jobs both over the summer and during the school year, yes, I am thankful for my student loan debt.  

The Beginning of the End


Today was my last first day of school at UE. It was weird. 

What I didn't expect going from high school to college


As you would expect, high school to college is a transition.  Besides the obvious of living in a dorm, a stranger you call your roommate, new friends, and different food choices, the most prominent change I experienced and wasn't expecting was with the work done outside of class.

The Hunger Games Guide to Costume Construction

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It's a dangerous world out there, especially for an actor who ventures into the costume shop. Unaccompanied. Alone. There are friends that will help you along the way, and there are foes. Such foes. It's a fight to the death. 

7 Easy Steps to Rocking Any Paper


There are a lot of things that I’m not particularly good at. A friend needs help with a calc problem? Or any sort of artistic endeavor? Yeah, no. That’s not my department.

How Not To Lose Your Mind During Midterms (Or Ever)


It's hard to believe we're already halfway there, and yet here we are: midterms. While I certainly don't have the MOST demanding midterm schedule ever (one exam and one essay), it's still a balancing act between working two jobs, my internship, classes, and of course making time to eat and sleep. Whether your time is being sucked up just by school work or a lovely cocktail of things, here are a few of the ways that always work when I need to stay sane.

Back Once More


The first week of school has come and gone (although the weather doesn’t seem to have noticed this) and…well, it’s like I was never gone. My adorable (albeit shoebox-sized) apartment feels like home and my roommate and I have already had a lot of fun despite (and sometimes because of) its tininess, I’ve visited most of my favorite local restaurants with friends, and I finally got my incredibly complicated schedule figured out - three on-campus jobs, another one off-campus, five classes and being a TI makes timing rather difficult, to say the least!

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Last First Day at UE

This was me on my first day, freshman year

It's hard to believe it, but my last first day of classes here at U of E is already over! In the shuffle of moving in to my new apartment and getting everything together, I almost forgot to pause and realize that this is, scarily enough, the beginning of the end.

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