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Life-School-Work Balance?


                There are two things that college students almost always need: more time and more money. And the worst part is that, in order to get more money, you have to give up some of your time. I spent the morning working at my off-campus job, and now have to read about 200 pages and write a seven page paper, in German, and had to get groceries (quite literally eating up my paycheck!). Besides my work at Old Navy, I also currently have three different jobs on campus, all various forms of tutoring. Those are a little less difficult to balance, because on-campus jobs are obligated to work with your schedule, and I can work in the Writing Center for an hour between classes, or meet with a student before dinner.

Time Moves Faster Here


I swear it's true, here at college time moves by quicker than ever before.  And with more demands on your time than you ever thought possible, time truly does become your most crucial resource.  I'm completing most of my undergraduate coursework in three years before attending physical therapy school here at UE, which means I'm already halfway through my undergraduate career!  That's unbelievable and actually quite scary to think about.  I still find it weird to introduce myself as a sophomore in college.  And I felt old today in class when we walk in and kids birthdates we written on the board from the previous class...and they had been born in 2012 and 2013.  When someone says "20 years ago..." I think that's before I was born, but in fact it's right about the time I was born.

You Know You're a Senior When...


1.  People ask you your future plans at least once a day.

The Five Most Important Things I Have Learned as a Writing Tutor


Today was my last first day at the Writing Center, where I have worked since I was a sophomore. Working seven hours a week for usually thirteen weeks out of the semester, my math, however bad, tells me I see close to one hundred papers a term. That’s a lot, especially multiplied over three years. Through all this, I’ve learned so much about writing, much more than I would ever have learned just on my own. Trying to distill three years of experience into a list is tricky, if not impossible, but here is my valiant attempt to encapsulate the most important things I’ve learned:

Senioritis? Nope, I'm Just In Denial


So, we're all back from winter break, and I am definitely, definitely not graduating in May. These are not the last undergraduate classes I'll ever get to take, or the last time I'll ever get to see my professors and many of my friends. I haven't bought books for the last time, haven't thought about my senior projects and how I actually have to finish those now. There is absolutely no way that I'm leaving.

As much as I try to deny it, though, graduation and my imminent departure from UE is something that keeps creeping into my mind day by day. With the first week of classes down, I had the thought that it was my last time getting new syllabuses (syllabi?) for undergraduate classes. And then I decided not to think about that, because everyone knows the most exciting part of starting new classes is that first day when you learn you'll be doing that semester (that's not just me, right?).

The thing is, as much as some people are very ready to start the next leg of their journey, I'm not in a hurry. To quote what I'm sure is a terrible movie, "There's just so much learning to do!" (as I'm sure we're all aware, that's from Sydney White). I have enjoyed my time here, despite all the inevitable ups and downs that my life has taken in between the classes and the readings and the internships. I've taken some great classes, met some wonderful people, and spent a lot of time reading. Like, a lot of time.

This semester's classes are shaking out to be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I mean, how could a semester that includes a women's studies course devoted to Jane Austen not be fun? With three lit courses, I'm going to have to spend most of my days curled up with my Jane Austen (such an imposition, really), English novels, and Norse mythology. And let's not forget that I have to start writing a novel of my own for senior seminar...

You know, maybe with all the work and learning still to be done, I'm not going to have to try very hard to not notice how many lasts are passing me by. I'm going to be much too busy. And I'll love (almost) every minute of it.

The Beginning of the End


Today was my last first day of school at UE. It was weird. 

A College Student's Christmas

My view while studying in Ridgway

As you grow up, the Christmas season starts to be a different kind of a thing. When you're a kid, it's all about the thrill of Santa and writing your letter and waiting for presents to appear by magic under the tree. But as you grow up, things start to change.

Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

Don't Underestimate Disney


Now usually if I have music playing you'll hear country...Eric Church, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols.  If I'm studying and need to concentrate more I prefer just instrumental music in the background so I'm not tempted to sing along.  But this past weekend while studying for my last applied anatomy exam and doing a fair amount of stressing, Disney music was my choice on Pandora.  Mulan, Toy Story, The Lion King, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast.  There's just something about the music that takes you back to seeing those fantastic movies as a kid, brings back those "carefree, the world is mine, I can take on anything" feelings, and makes studying, well, a little bit more bearable.  

15 ways to avoid the Freshman 15!

5k resized 600

Everyone has heard of it, and many have lived the dreaded.....Freshman 15! In high school you have designated mealtimes, sports practices after classes, homecooked meals, and Mom or Dad watching over you. Now, it's time to move away from all of that. Many students struggle with the new freedom and challenges, and their health starts to become a secondary priority. Here are some quick tips to avoid gaining weight and maintain your health while having a blast in college!

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