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Settling In

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Well, it’s officially time to start settling in here at Harlaxton and fully embrace it as my new and temporary home (which is not difficult in the least). Studies are picking up and students are beginning to feel the burden of looming due dates. Of course, none of us want to sacrifice a travel opportunity because we put off our assignments until the last minute, so hopefully, we can all learn some useful study techniques.

Home for the Holidays


Family is something that is easy to take for granted and ready to be rid of for a while when transitioning from high school to college.  As Simba said, 

Surrounded by Music

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As a music major, I am often surrounded by music.  Actually, almost all of the time.  This week, however, I spent an even larger portion of my time involved with music, including a few performances.  It has been quite the week:

Drum Circles and Bingo

Musical Bingo participants!

What do drum circles and bingo have in common?  Why, the answer is simple:  they were both events at UE’s Family Weekend!  The UE Music Therapy Association hosts musical bingo each year, and this year, we added a drum circle.  I also played in the annual Family Weekend concert and led the music at Catholic Mass that weekend.  The hard work of preparing for this weekend always pays off, and once again, the weekend was a great success.

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