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British Pound


Last week, on September 18, 2014, Scotland participated in a referendum vote that determined its future as a member of the UK. A "yes" vote would have resulted in an independent Scotland. While the referendum did not pass, the build up to it impacted the interantional financial markets, specfilcally the value of the British Pound. I did a presentation on the matter in my International Financial Management class last Monday, September 15. As I am from England, I took a great interest in the topic. 

I'm thankful for my student loan debt


I'm thankful for my student loan debt.  Now I'm not saying that if I won the lottery it would be a bitter breakup with the loan officers, or if for some reason college costs (gasp) decreased I'd be upset.  But for now as I pay for college with a combination of scholarships, loans, and money earned working jobs both over the summer and during the school year, yes, I am thankful for my student loan debt.  

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