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One day of spring


Spring hit - for one day - here in Evansville on Monday.  73 degrees and sunshine brought students out of dorms and winter jackets for a glorious relief from the snow before break, and making for an easy transition back from spring break.  What does spring time look like here at UE?

Settling In

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Well, it’s officially time to start settling in here at Harlaxton and fully embrace it as my new and temporary home (which is not difficult in the least). Studies are picking up and students are beginning to feel the burden of looming due dates. Of course, none of us want to sacrifice a travel opportunity because we put off our assignments until the last minute, so hopefully, we can all learn some useful study techniques.

International Friends

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 12.37.19 PM

Last week was my birthday and much to my pleasant surprise, my friend Inna from Russia, gave me some lovely Russian dolls as a present. She told me that in Russia, you can buy dolls that look like former and present political leaders. These dolls represent a modern family, as traditional families in Russia had seven members. 

Back to my Big City

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London was a homecoming for me, metaphorically speaking. I haven’t ever actually lived in London, but after a year and summer in Evansville I was craving a big city atmosphere again and sunk easily into the waves and energy of the metropolis. While expressing this to my friends back home they asked why I was still excited to return to UE in the spring if it felt so small. My answer was quick: UE is a small campus, but its opportunities are huge. I’m writing this blog in ENGLAND. I’ve just returned from the Harlaxton weekend trip to London – a city mashup of history and modernism in its architecture and its people - so few people get to do this. While I’m still exploring this side of the pond, I can just say that I’m thankful for a university that realized they needed to send me out to find my place and my education.

Day Trip to New Harmony

New Harmony 4

This past weekend, some of my friends and I enjoyed a wonderful day trip to New Harmony, a small town about 45 minutes from UE's campus. Originally the site of Robert Owen's Utopian Community, New Harmonie, the town is now a local tourist destination. There are still many remnants of that age and it is a fun place to explore!

Writers Hanging Out: My Trip to AWP

ER Staff Selfie

Since sophomore year, when I first learned that the AWP (association of writers and writing programs) conference was a thing that existed, I have wanted to go. "You mean every year a bunch of writers go to one place and, like, hang out? Sign me up!"

How College Students Celebrate the Superbowl


For most college students, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the Superbowl is a) football b) commercials or c) food. And most likely c) food.


ridg snow

Today, we all woke up to the wonderful news that all classes were cancelled due to the weather! Snow days at UE are very uncommon, given that the campus is relatively easy to walk around. However, the roads are dangerous today due to the ice that fell over the night.

Surrounded by Music

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As a music major, I am often surrounded by music.  Actually, almost all of the time.  This week, however, I spent an even larger portion of my time involved with music, including a few performances.  It has been quite the week:

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