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Settling In

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Well, it’s officially time to start settling in here at Harlaxton and fully embrace it as my new and temporary home (which is not difficult in the least). Studies are picking up and students are beginning to feel the burden of looming due dates. Of course, none of us want to sacrifice a travel opportunity because we put off our assignments until the last minute, so hopefully, we can all learn some useful study techniques.

International Bazaar

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Last Friday, November 21, the International Club put on the 28th Annual International Bazaar. Fellow Schroeder school ambassador Suhrob and I hosted the event. In total, the event raised $1,900 for UNICEF. It featured about 20 performances, food from so many parts of the world and booths representing the regions that U.E students come from. Great success! 

Tell me more about Machu Picchu

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As part of International Education week, I presented on Tuesday about my experiences  studying abroad last semester in Peru. I really enjoyed the presentation. On one hand I was able to share my experiences abroad with people who truly wanted to listen and I it also gave me the opportunity to reflect on some of the happiest days of my life. It put me in a great mood for the rest of the day. 

I House

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Every Wednesday on the second floor of Ridgeway, Ihouse happens. Students from countries all over the world present about thier cultures and lives. This past Wednesday Brazil presented. Some facts to share:

International Friends

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Last week was my birthday and much to my pleasant surprise, my friend Inna from Russia, gave me some lovely Russian dolls as a present. She told me that in Russia, you can buy dolls that look like former and present political leaders. These dolls represent a modern family, as traditional families in Russia had seven members. 

UE Celebrates International Education Week


Last week, UE celebrated International Education Week, which included student presentations about study abroad experiences, 30-minute language capsules, and my favorite--the International Bazaar.

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