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Mexico V Paraguay

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A couple weeks ago Mexico and Paraguay played a friendly match in Arrowhead stadium. I was lucky enough to volunteer at the game which meant I could watch the if from the corner flag. Afterwards, I helped translate the press conference from Spanish to English. 

The Start of 2015 MLS Season

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The 2015 MLS season started on Sunday and Sporting KC opened the season at home against the New York Red Bulls. I worked in the press box and found it quite tough not to cheer the team on when something good happened-but such are the rules of the press box. We tied the game 1-1 and played for more than 20 minutes of the game with 10 men and still had the better chances. I enjoyed the game so much that really did not seem like work. In fact, a lot of what I do does not seem like work because I enjoy it so much. 

A Morning Surprise

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Came into the office this morning with this sitting on my desk. We won the MLS Cup in 2013 and as part of the celebration, Sporting KC teamed up with Boulevard Brewing to make a campionship ale. It makes a nice paper weight in my cubicle! 

El Sporting Kansas City


As part of my role at Sporting KC, I am in charge of the team´s communications efforts in Spanish. This past week I created content for the team´s Spanish Facebook and twitter pages. There are a great deal of Hispanics in Kansas City who love soccer so this market segment holds great potential for Sporting KC. 

First day at Sporting KC

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Today was my first day at Sporting KC. The beginning of my internship in the communications department. As I walked into the office today, I saw this. An excellent first sign! 

Sporting KC

sporting kc

My dream job is to work for a soccer club´s marketing and communcations department focusing on the hispanic market. This week was an especially good week because I recieved an internship offer from Sporting KC, the MLS team in Kansas City, to do just that! I start in February and am thrilled!

Pumpkin Decorations


This semester I am one of the Digital Marketing interns at Daniel Burton Dean, a marketing agency located in Downtown Evansville. 

Full Circle


During the summer after my sophomore year and during the gap between the end of my semester in England and the start of my semester in Peru, I interned at a boutique ad agency in St. Louis called The Arland Group. (Learn more about them here 

Dressing Business Professional Today!


Today I have a very important meeting at my internship, which is why I am dressed in full business professional.  I am very excited to be attending this meeting because I will be presenting a proposal for funding for a new project the company would like to start.  After spending the past week or so researching and drafting the proposal, my supervisor had me present it directly to the company's CEO and president.  He throughly enjoyed my presentation and then asked me to attend this meeting as well where we will request the funding.  Let's hope it goes well! :) 

A Nice View to Accompany a Turkey Sandwich

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On Tuesdays and Thursdays before I start my internship in Downtown Evansville, I like to ride my bike to the river and eat my lunch. This is one of my favourtie places in Evansville. 

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