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The (Hopeful) Birth of #Scooter5K


It's strange how the best ideas come at the most unsuspecting times. For example, the conception of #Scooter5K probably came at approximately 4:48 p.m. on this past Friday afternoon. I had just sat down on Will's futon when I decided to check my email, and noticed that the intramural department needed help putting on the 5K the next morning...

Not-so-pro athletes, but don't count us out!

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Intramurals (IMs) are very popular here at UE and there are so many options there's bound to be one you can get involved in!  Most colleges offer intramurals, and here at UE you can bet you'll be able to make or join a team in whatever sport and competitive level you want.  Some of the sports offered include flag football, sand and indoor volleyball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee!  What about badminton, Euchre, dodgeball, futsol, and racquetball?  Got it, have it, yes, you betcha, and you should try it!  

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