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One of the most exciting things I learned when I visited UE way back in the dark ages (2010) was that each year, the creative writing department hosts a senior coffee hour reading. Which meant that if I went here (which, obviously, I did) I would get to stand in front of people and read my writing. In spite of my general shyness, I'm actually a big attention hog when it comes to reading my work, so I've been waiting three years for this moment (which is still a couple months off, in April).

However, one of the even MORE exciting things that's happening in the creative writing department now is the addition of our #readingseries. Two Fridays each month, three fabulous writing majors give a reading in the back room of The Slice. Pizza and readings? What could be better?

I don't read until April, but it's been wonderful hearing my fellow students' work and spending time out in the real world with we writer types (yes, I consider a place accross the street from my apartment the 'real world').

The writing department has a lot of great stuff going for it, but the best part is that we keep adding new, bigger and better things to our program that not only help us to be better writers, but also create a great sense of community.

I'm sad that I'll only get to experience one semester of the #readingseries as a student, but I'm glad I got to see it start. It's going to be a great thing for future majors to get together and share their work--because, let's face it, we're all secretly incredibly proud of ourselves. As we well should be.

Of course, not only writing majors are invited. If you want to hear some awesome people read some awesome words, here are the dates for the remaning #readingseries events this semester (the readings are always at 4pm):

Friday March 7th

Friday March 21st

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