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Pumpkin Decorations


This semester I am one of the Digital Marketing interns at Daniel Burton Dean, a marketing agency located in Downtown Evansville. 

Five Ways to Enjoy Fall at UE

Mac n cheese resized 600

Fall is my favorite season and in my opinion the best time to be at UE. Here are few things that college students can do (budget friendly) to enjoy it!

5 Things That Don't Suck About Fall (For People Who Don't Like Fall)


Ready or not, fall weather is upon us. That means that the internet is overloaded with pumpkin everything, with people posting about how excited they are for sweater weather.

But for those of us who view fall as mostly a time that betokens the rapid approach of winter, it can be a little bit harder to get excited. As I slump off to class, already in three or more layers grumbling about the cold, I remind myself of these five things that don't suck about fall.

1) TV season is back.

Maybe it's just because I consider going outside when it's cold as a personal affront to my comfort, but I'm glad that fall means networks are cranking out new episodes of all my favorite TV shows. Finally, I can curl up under a blanket and watch new episodes of New Girl, The Mindy Project, Once Upon a Time and yes, even The Vampire Diaries (my guilty pleasure).

2) It's not too hot for tea.

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