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SAM 0038

Spring break is right around the corner and yet we are about to get covered in snow again later on today! I am very excited for this to happen because our campus only gets prettier when it is covered in snow. I can't wait to be able to walk to class as the snowflakes hit my face on their way down and hopefully I will even be able to go out with my friends and have a snowball fight or build a snowman. Who knows, perhaps we might even get a snowday and all of the students will get to rest, study and play in the snow throughout the day! I will attach a picture of the last snow day here on campus below and like always be sure to check my related music video which today happens to be Snow by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Baby, It's Cold Outside...


Well today I woke up to a couple of inches of gorgeous white snow. It's the first snow of the season and it came much earlier than I was expecting. While I wasn't quite ready for this crazy cold weather, it does makes our campus absolutely beautiful. It also makes me realize how close the holidays are! I love the holiday season, so I am already excited for winter break!

Classic Movie Wisdom for Evansville's Bipolar Weather

Weather Jan

Brr! It's cold outside! Even though the high yesterday was a tropical 54 degrees, we are returning to the north pole today and tomorrow! When dealing with unpredictable weather, I always like to use some life lessons from my favorite movies.

A College Student's Christmas

My view while studying in Ridgway

As you grow up, the Christmas season starts to be a different kind of a thing. When you're a kid, it's all about the thrill of Santa and writing your letter and waiting for presents to appear by magic under the tree. But as you grow up, things start to change.


ridg snow

Today, we all woke up to the wonderful news that all classes were cancelled due to the weather! Snow days at UE are very uncommon, given that the campus is relatively easy to walk around. However, the roads are dangerous today due to the ice that fell over the night.

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