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College Is Terrifying (And Why That's a Good Thing)


There’s that stereotypical moment of watching your parents drive away after they drop you off at college, when you realize that you’re all alone in the world and will never, ever see them again, and the bottom drops out of your stomach and you kind of want to curl up in a ball and cry.

College Survival Tips: 5 Ways To Stay Sane During FINALS


So, as you may remember, I wrote a post back at midterms offering five ways to avoid losing your mind during midterms. But as we all know, midterms are only the practice round, revving us up for finals week.

Don't Underestimate Disney


Now usually if I have music playing you'll hear country...Eric Church, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols.  If I'm studying and need to concentrate more I prefer just instrumental music in the background so I'm not tempted to sing along.  But this past weekend while studying for my last applied anatomy exam and doing a fair amount of stressing, Disney music was my choice on Pandora.  Mulan, Toy Story, The Lion King, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast.  There's just something about the music that takes you back to seeing those fantastic movies as a kid, brings back those "carefree, the world is mine, I can take on anything" feelings, and makes studying, well, a little bit more bearable.  

5 Reasons Applying to Grad School Is Terrifying (and Why I'm Loving It Anyway)


It’s been a while since last I posted, I know. I have an (almost) ironclad excuse, though: grad school applications. One of the super-fun parts of senior year is that you get to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life; because I’m a glutton for punishment (and, you know, LOVE literature and everything to do with it), I’ve decided that I want to go on to grad school and become a professor. I am extremely excited about the prospect of going to graduate school, but the application process is perhaps the most stressful thing I’ve as yet attempted to accomplish. Why, you might ask?

How Not To Lose Your Mind During Midterms (Or Ever)


It's hard to believe we're already halfway there, and yet here we are: midterms. While I certainly don't have the MOST demanding midterm schedule ever (one exam and one essay), it's still a balancing act between working two jobs, my internship, classes, and of course making time to eat and sleep. Whether your time is being sucked up just by school work or a lovely cocktail of things, here are a few of the ways that always work when I need to stay sane.

Top 5 Most Annoying Things When You're Running Late

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1) The person who just clicked "print" has 50 pages to go and you have 3 minutes to get to class

5 Ways I Destress


When the studying, readings, problem sets, and exams seem piled up to my eyeballs here are 5 ways I relax.  This week I'll have to put into action a few or even all five to realize that maybe this applied anatomy exam won't leave me beaten and bruised for a week like I think it will, as I sit here with a hefty stack of flashcards staring back at me.

Hitting the Ground Running

The set! (in process

Hey there everybody! My name is Alex Raby and I’m a senior Theatre Performance major from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m super excited to be back for my last year here, much of which will entail me applying to graduate school, but hopefully a good majority of it will be spent making the most of my last two semesters at UE.

It Sucks To Get Sick, But...


This past week, it has seemed like the plague has been spreading around campus.

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