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Toto we are not in Kansas or Indiana anymore!

The Needle in downtown Shangh

Hello everyone!  Our adventure started with a misadventure.  Jaime, Nina, and I were stuck in Atlanta, Georgia, (a monsoon and a medical emergency) and that made us miss our flight to Shanghai.  Fun times!  If you ever travel to China, I would highly suggest China Eastern.  Wonderful trip!  I am very happy to say that we are safely in Shanghai and have been since Sunday.  Amy and Bill have been showing us wonderful sights and how to get around this rather LARGE city since we will be back in Shanghai at the end of our trip to come home. 

Fantastic Four (Part One)

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4 Reasons I Chose UE

You Know You're a Senior When...


1.  People ask you your future plans at least once a day.

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