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As the weather gets warmer and finals get closer, you need to find motivation to remain focused on studying before classes end for the summer.  Sometimes motivation might be the escape to go for a run as a study break or tossing a Frisbee around with friends.  With final exams next week, here's what's keeping my nose in the books...for a few more days...

Getting Ready for Finals! (And Winter Break!)

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Finals week is starting in just a few days and the semester is almost over! Between writing papers, studying for finals, and having cheer practice and double header games all weekend I have been extremely busy!  

Almost the Weekend!

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It has been a crazy busy week for me here at UE!  Somehow it seems, no matter what college you go to, that there is always at least one week of the semester where there is practically something due in every one of your classes.  Well that has been this week for me haha.  I am so ready for a break this weekend!  But, I'll be spending the rest of the day in one of SOBA's beautiful study lounges working on finishing up some papers and projects.  Thankfully I have some great music, a beautiful view, and some apple chai tea to keep me going! 

Half of a's just a tease


What feels like a weekend with the impending presence of exams and studying, but is only a mere one day long instead of two?  Read/study day.  With no classes or final exams, read/study day is theoretically a fantastic opportunity to get organized and begin studying for finals.  But let's be's also a giant tease of summer that is just under a week away.

The Five Most Important Things I Have Learned as a Writing Tutor


Today was my last first day at the Writing Center, where I have worked since I was a sophomore. Working seven hours a week for usually thirteen weeks out of the semester, my math, however bad, tells me I see close to one hundred papers a term. That’s a lot, especially multiplied over three years. Through all this, I’ve learned so much about writing, much more than I would ever have learned just on my own. Trying to distill three years of experience into a list is tricky, if not impossible, but here is my valiant attempt to encapsulate the most important things I’ve learned:

College Survival Tips: 5 Ways To Stay Sane During FINALS


So, as you may remember, I wrote a post back at midterms offering five ways to avoid losing your mind during midterms. But as we all know, midterms are only the practice round, revving us up for finals week.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


Thanksgiving is over, and we all know what that means—the Christmas season is officially underway! Christmas is a weird time on campus—after Thanksgiving break, there are only six class days left, and then finals week. Term papers come due, final projects need to be crammed in, graduate school applications finished, and yet, all I ever want to do is curl up on my couch with a mug of tea and read a book, and maybe rouse myself to go out to dinner or for drinks, to try and squeeze in a little more time with my friends before heading home for three weeks of freedom.

Don't Underestimate Disney


Now usually if I have music playing you'll hear country...Eric Church, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols.  If I'm studying and need to concentrate more I prefer just instrumental music in the background so I'm not tempted to sing along.  But this past weekend while studying for my last applied anatomy exam and doing a fair amount of stressing, Disney music was my choice on Pandora.  Mulan, Toy Story, The Lion King, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast.  There's just something about the music that takes you back to seeing those fantastic movies as a kid, brings back those "carefree, the world is mine, I can take on anything" feelings, and makes studying, well, a little bit more bearable.  

What I didn't expect going from high school to college


As you would expect, high school to college is a transition.  Besides the obvious of living in a dorm, a stranger you call your roommate, new friends, and different food choices, the most prominent change I experienced and wasn't expecting was with the work done outside of class.

Top 5 Most Annoying Things When You're Running Late

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1) The person who just clicked "print" has 50 pages to go and you have 3 minutes to get to class

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