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Harlaxton Trip Planning: With the School or Solo?

LlanfairFor a lot of UE students, planning for Harlaxton is an exciting and stressful process. Budgets, plane tickets, packing, it all gets a little overwhelming especially as the semester workload at home is picking up. Luckily, for all you UE students interested in the Harlaxton experience there are approximately 150 voices on this side of the pond who love to share their advice. In Skyping friends on campus from my manor house (they insist we call it that, I still prefer “castle”) at Harlaxton, I’m finding that the question that comes up most is “Which school trips should we go on?” The short answer to that question is you have to do what works for you, however I’m going to use this blog to give you future Harlaxton Lions a few pros and cons to traveling with the school.


The Diverse and the Curious


After a missed flight, no sleep, finally finishing my homework, and a 14-hour flight, I have FINALLY made it to China!  What an experience it was.  Travelling is all about being flexible and learning how to handle things as they come.  After all, how fun would an adventure be without a few misadventures to get your adrenaline going!?

Ireland Smells Like Dolphins

It is still amazing to me how many landscapes are crammed into this tiny island called the United Kingdom. Within these last two weeks I’ve seen so much of what the UK has to offer from haunted cobblestone alleys running underground in Scotland to the high tips of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Everything still looks, sounds, and feels like a fairytale and I don’t think that’s a part of this experience that I want to stop. I love being engrossed, being wonderstruck. For me, scented memories get me wonderstruck. I realize this sounds completely crazy, but bear with me. With so many amazing things to look at while traveling I find sometimes that my eyes can’t sufficiently take everything in so my new tool for getting the most out of my Harlaxton experience is to close my eyes and smell.

I’ve compiled a short list of smells that I now associate with places and memories. If you get the chance to travel to these places someday you’ll have to tell me if you think I’m right or completely crazy :)

Anticipating China


After months of waiting, the week I leave for China has finally arrived! As I anticipate leaving for Hangzhou, China, I cannot stop thinking about all of the exciting opportunities ahead. Over the past few weeks, all of the details of the trip have fallen into place. I have been working on learning important phrases in Mandarin, as well as the dos and don’ts of society. I have researched Hangzhou to learn about the various attractions and activities of the city. I have also researched the 2nd Affiliated Hospital, where I will have the opportunity to learn about Chinese nursing. I am excited to observe how the Chinese nursing differs from nursing in the United States.

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Back to my Big City

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London was a homecoming for me, metaphorically speaking. I haven’t ever actually lived in London, but after a year and summer in Evansville I was craving a big city atmosphere again and sunk easily into the waves and energy of the metropolis. While expressing this to my friends back home they asked why I was still excited to return to UE in the spring if it felt so small. My answer was quick: UE is a small campus, but its opportunities are huge. I’m writing this blog in ENGLAND. I’ve just returned from the Harlaxton weekend trip to London – a city mashup of history and modernism in its architecture and its people - so few people get to do this. While I’m still exploring this side of the pond, I can just say that I’m thankful for a university that realized they needed to send me out to find my place and my education.

The Jezreel Expedition Experience

DSC07423 resized 600

Not all archaeological excavations are created equal. As a PhD candidate specializing in Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of California-Berkeley, I can tell you that, mostly, the dirt is the dirt is the dirt. All over the world the earth yields beautiful, wonderful, exciting, mundane artifacts - jewelry, figurines, sickle blades, broken pieces of pottery, you name it. And those artifacts tell all sort of stories about the people who made those fabulous and ordinary and marvelous things, stories that are both familiar and surprising, stories that link us to them and show how different we all are, yet how much we are also the same.

Why Come to Tel Jezreel?

IMG 8956 resized 600

The team at Jezreel includes several volunteers in our 50s and above who have no obvious staff or academic role. We are here as amateurs in the original sense – we study archaeology for love.

Traveling with the Jezreel Expedition

DSC04610 resized 600

One of my favorite things about participating in the Jezreel Expedition is all the various opportunities I have for traveling around the surrounding area during field trips. While we spend a lot of time digging, we also get the chance to visit and tour historical sites as well as other places of interest.

Returning to the Jezreel Expedition

DSC09816 resized 600

After my first experience with the Jezreel Expedition in 2013, I was really excited to return. It was such a great experience to work in the field and travel throughout Israel. I was only able to return for the last two weeks of the Jezreel Expedition 2014 and it's already been a few days since I got into the country.

Favorite Kibbutz Location


Hilda Torres, Michael Sullivan, and Kelly Goodner describe their favorite locations on the Kibbutz. The Kibbutz Yizre'el is the location where members of the Jezreel Expedition reside during their time at the excavation. 

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