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Writers Hanging Out: My Trip to AWP

ER Staff Selfie

Since sophomore year, when I first learned that the AWP (association of writers and writing programs) conference was a thing that existed, I have wanted to go. "You mean every year a bunch of writers go to one place and, like, hang out? Sign me up!"

The Five Most Important Things I Have Learned as a Writing Tutor


Today was my last first day at the Writing Center, where I have worked since I was a sophomore. Working seven hours a week for usually thirteen weeks out of the semester, my math, however bad, tells me I see close to one hundred papers a term. That’s a lot, especially multiplied over three years. Through all this, I’ve learned so much about writing, much more than I would ever have learned just on my own. Trying to distill three years of experience into a list is tricky, if not impossible, but here is my valiant attempt to encapsulate the most important things I’ve learned:

7 Easy Steps to Rocking Any Paper


There are a lot of things that I’m not particularly good at. A friend needs help with a calc problem? Or any sort of artistic endeavor? Yeah, no. That’s not my department.

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