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Last First Day at UE


It's hard to believe it, but my last first day of classes here at U of E is already over! In the shuffle of moving in to my new apartment and getting everything together, I almost forgot to pause and realize that this is, scarily enough, the beginning of the end.

But when I got up this morning and saw the explosion of "last first day" and "first day of senior year" posts on Facebook, it suddenly hit me: this is it.

This was me on my first day, freshman year                                     Here I am on move in day of my freshman year senior year                                 And here's an awkward selfie of my last first day (today!)

As a freshmen everything on campus was new and exciting and I couldn't wait to get started and, oddly enough, being a senior has evoked a similar feeling. Only this time, rather than being excited for a beginning, I'm excited for what the semester has in store and prematurely nostaglic all at once. Suddenly the things that I stopped noticing around campus, like the landscaping, or how gorgeous I always found Olmstead, are popping into my brain again, insistently reminding me why I chose UE and why I'm still so glad to be here. Walking around in this thought bubble, I hardly even noticed that time was actually passing.

And then, in a flash, my first day of classes came and went. For my final class of the day, I sat quietly in back of a First Year Seminar course for which I'll be acting as the TI this semester. It was surreal and yet somehow incredibly appropriate that, on the first day of my last semester, I found myself sitting in the new version of the same class that was my first class here at UE in Fall of 2010. It's hard to believe, in some ways, that that was only 3 years ago, and yet in other ways it feels much, much further distanced from me than that. Either way, it certainly brings back memories.

photo(7)             The good old Harbrace Handbook, which freshmen me never expected to see again.

I have no idea what this semester has in store for me, but I'm definitely excited and ready to make this last year at UE my best one yet!


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