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Back Once More


The first week of school has come and gone (although the weather doesn’t seem to have noticed this) and…well, it’s like I was never gone. My adorable (albeit shoebox-sized) apartment feels like home and my roommate and I have already had a lot of fun despite (and sometimes because of) its tininess, I’ve visited most of my favorite local restaurants with friends, and I finally got my incredibly complicated schedule figured out - three on-campus jobs, another one off-campus, five classes and being a TI makes timing rather difficult, to say the least!

My classes this term are fantastic, if pretty demanding. While sometimes gen eds can be a wonderful way to explore new things, I love being a senior and getting to choose classes that align with my interests pretty perfectly. Not only do I get to take literary criticism, French and German (I KNOW, most people think that would be dreadful, but I love it!) with some of my favorite profs, but also have an independent study in Victorian and a TI position.

One thing I love about going to such a small college is that, even though there wasn’t a class about gender and Victorian literature (my field of interest, and one I hope to pursue in grad school), my professor worked with me and I was able to design my own course that perfectly fits my interest. Similarly, while I am a teaching intern, I don’t take the place of the professor in the class, like TAs do at many bigger universities. Instead, I help students make both in and out of class, especially with writing, and get some teaching experience. I’m teaching a workshop on writing introductions in a couple weeks and am somewhat absurdly excited about that fact.

It’s true, I haven’t done anything incredibly amazingly exciting my first week back, but I have to say, I am having a good year so far nonetheless. While I’m excited to graduate in the spring, I’m definitely going to miss coming back to UE. 

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