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Three Feet to the Left


(If you're reading the title and thinking "This kid is about to blog about politics," don't worry, I'm not. You're welcome.)

Towards the beginning of my 7th grade year, I walked into Mrs. Grine's english class to see all of the desks crammed in towards the center of the room. Once everyone was in class, Mrs. Grine told us that we would all be moving our desks three feet to the left. Class that day was pretty boring, so naturally two of my closest friends and I decided that we should write a novel instead of paying attention. Adam, Mitch and I decided that our novel would be called "Three Feet to the Left," inspired by Mrs. Grine's quote. I don't remember exactly what the story was about, but we continued to pass it around and add to it throughout the school year. By the time we decided to finish it, it was close to 600 chapters, but only about 150 pages, long. It was the most scatterbrained, strange, and random piece of literature ever written. On the "List of Things Greg McCullough Wishes he had in his Possession," it would be towards the top. Unfortunately, the story was lost, and probably won't ever be found. However, the memories that we made by passing it around and adding to it will live on for as long as we are able to remember things.


Some of my favorite memories to this point in my life and through my first year in college are silly things similar to writing a story on a whim with two of my best friends. It's not always the big events in life that create the things we look back at most fondly. It's the small things that just kind of spontaneously happen, like cramming 18 people into your dorm room your first night on campus so that you can meet some of the other freshmen, or making animal noises at dinner until you get the whole cafeteria laughing, that make you smile biggest when you look back at them. While big social events are fun and a great way to meet new people, my favorite memories have always been smaller things with some of my closest friends. 


So if you're a prospective student reading this and considering coming to UE, I'd strongly encourage you to at least come check it out. There are people here that have similar personalities and interests as you, and you will be able to do the kind of fun, crazy, silly things that you'll remember for a long time.

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