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It Sucks To Get Sick, But...


This past week, it has seemed like the plague has been spreading around campus.

I had the misfortune to get sick myself last week, but it turned out it wasn't exactly the typical kind of plague. I woke up last Monday, dismayed at the realization that my head was pounding so thoroughly there was no way I could possibly go to class. The second full week of classes, and there I was, ducking out to walk (very, very slowly) to the health center.

Once there, I was told that my symptoms were such that required "tests" and that I needed to go to the ER. A scary prospect, even for an old pro like me (three broken arms and a bout of meningitis) because I couldn't take my mom with me. I kind of panicked when the nurse asked if I had anyone who could drive me--it was Monday! My friends and boyfriend had class! I couldn't ask them to miss class with me for a silly thing like a trip to the ER.

Luckily, it was UE Security to the rescue in this case. The nurse called the security department and they drove me to St. Mary's, dropped me off, and offered to pick me up.

While I was there, someone called to check up on me and ask if I needed anything. While it wasn't quite as comforting as having mom around to hold my hand while I got my first ever IV and waited to hear what I was dying of (I assumed), it felt pretty great to know my school would take that much care of me in the event of a health crisis.

I ended up being out of comission for the rest of the week, due to some fun details I won't burden you with, but I eventually got things under control. It was nice to see that, when I emailed my professors about missing class, they expressed concern rather than annoyance or dissapointment.

Being sick definitely sucks, especially when it gets scary away from home, but all in all I think UE handled things pretty well. Now if only they would have paid for my hospital bills, too... Just kidding! ;)


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