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Rush Week Diary: Days 1-3


As I promised, I'm going through fraternity recruitment this year to see what it's all about. Rush Week, as it's commonly called, officially started on Saturday.

Since I am a super duper busy athletic training student, I did not have time to attend Open House tours on Saturday. Apparently, you just go from house to house and take a tour, which I never would've guessed from the name. I missed out, though, because I watched about 1400 hours of volleyball on Saturday for my athletic training responsibilities. This means that I will have to go to each of the houses on their personal open house night to be eligible for a bid. Fun fact: If you don't make an appearance at each of the houses, you cannot receive a bid.

I'm typing this on Monday, and so far I have made an official appearance at three of the frat houses. Fraternities choose some kind of food to prepare/order/grill, and they feed you obscene amounts when you visit. Each of them has also had some kind of outdoor activity to participate in, like football or basketball or cornhole. I haven't seen hopscotch yet, but I'm still holding on to some hope that I'll see it later in the week.

That's been my experience through the first three days. Sometime this weekend, I'll let y'all know how the rest of my week went and who I decided to join!


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