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5 Ways I Destress


When the studying, readings, problem sets, and exams seem piled up to my eyeballs here are 5 ways I relax.  This week I'll have to put into action a few or even all five to realize that maybe this applied anatomy exam won't leave me beaten and bruised for a week like I think it will, as I sit here with a hefty stack of flashcards staring back at me.

1. Basketball

If I can afford a longer break I'll head to the gym and shoot around.  But if a short break is all I need I'll lay on my back and toss the ball up, working on my shooting form, muscle memory, and letting my mind drift away.

2. Nap

Naps are great.  You might still think nap time is for kindergarten but let me tell you, college brings nap time back and it could be the best part of the day...another way to beat that "2:30 feeling" possibly...

3. Social media break

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, take your pick...just try to avoid getting sucked in and then wondering where the last 3 days of your life went.

4. Chores I've been procrastinating until they seem more enjoyable than the present task

Included in this list would be: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, straightening up the room, even, I kid you not, cleaning the bathroom (I live in a suite) could be more enjoyable than some homework problems.

5. Other homework (no wonder I'm so stressed I've got homework to procrastinate by doing other homework)

Kill two birds with one stone, continue being productive, but with a different subject than what you're working on!


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