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Ready or it comes!


I have been very nostalgic the last few days... One of my high school guidance counselors passed away a few nights ago, and it brought my heart back to Princeton, and made me how quickly life passes by.

Fall weather always brings me back to soccer season, football games, campfires with friends, and homecoming dances. I can't believe how quickly time has passed by.

I find myself looking back to my years through college and wondering where the time has gone! It seems like just yesterday I was saying my goodbyes to high school friends. I can see May creeping up on me, and I wonder if I'm ready. Will I be bored next year? Today when I left work, I knew I was coming home to a homework, events to plan, a sand volleyball game, a co-recreational soccer game, and a house full of friends. Each year keeps getting better! I can't imagine leaving this all behind me.

So what will this next chapter bring?

I will be sure to keep you posted! I plan to make the most of every minute I have left at the University of Evansville.

So for tonight....I leave you with the challenge to start living in the present! Goal-setting, planning, and being excited for the future is important, but never wish away a single moment!

Seniors reading this blog:

* Go to athletic events

* Dress up for spirit days ...go all out!

* Get to know your high school teachers and faculty before it's too late!

* Keep up your friendships, they will mean more to you each passing year! They keep home feeling like HOME!

* Stay involved, don't check out early.

* Focus on grades, they still matter!

* Be teenagers while you still can! Act goofy! Hang out with our friends even if you are tired!

* Give your all into everything you do! That is how you want to be remembered when you graduate!

* Take a lot of pictures

* Try not to listen to "Graduation Song" yet! It only brings out the water-works!

* And finally....start thinking about your graduation cap!


Good luck to all of you! Wish me luck too ;)

May 31, 2010 139


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