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Here comes the...


Sun?  No.  Boom?  Well, closer.  Here comes the rain is what you'll get used to here in Evansville.  Today was the first big storm this school year, so boom went the thunder.  Students across campus broke out the umbrellas, rain jackets, rain boots, or broke into a sprint if you were me today.    

I never owned a pair of rain boots until I got to college last year, and it's not that I'm not used to rain.  But it becomes a whole other beast when you're walking outside between classes throughout the day and puddles is well, an understatement, of what happens to our campus when it downpours.  Investing in a quality rain jacket is worth it!  And I've given up caring that I look dorky with the elastic pulled around my hood, I want to stay as dry as possible.  And if you want to be savvy, you can get some boot warmers to convert those rainboots during the colder months!






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