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How Not To Lose Your Mind During Midterms (Or Ever)


It's hard to believe we're already halfway there, and yet here we are: midterms. While I certainly don't have the MOST demanding midterm schedule ever (one exam and one essay), it's still a balancing act between working two jobs, my internship, classes, and of course making time to eat and sleep. Whether your time is being sucked up just by school work or a lovely cocktail of things, here are a few of the ways that always work when I need to stay sane.

1) Reward system

It sounds kind of silly, like something you'd do for a kindergartener, but for me at least, it totally works. If I finish x amount of work, I can have a cookie. Or watch an episode of one of my shows. Or just sit and do nothing for a few minutes. This way, I not only have an extra incentive to get work done, I also make sure I get to take a break every now and again so my brain doesn't explode.

2) Make time for what you love

It's important to get all your work done and fulfill your responsibilities, but it's also important not to completely crash, because that will get you further behind in the long run. I always make sure to build at least a little bit of time into my schedule for nice, loy key things I enjoy--doing yoga, baking, spending time with friends, etc. It goes a long way towards keeping sane AND being able to accomplish more when I'm not burnt out.

3) Breathe

Just taking some time to breathe, whether it be during yoga, meditation, or just a few seconds on the couch, is really important. I know I sometimes fall into the trap of being in "go, go, go" mode, dashing from school to work to hanging out with friends, all without time to catch my breath. Even the fun stuff takes it out of me if I don't take a minute or two just to BE.

4) To Do List

Keep one. Just do it. Not only does it help you to not forget all the little things you have to do this week, it will also give you a little feeling of accomplishment every time you get to cross something off the list. Even if that something is the above "breathe" which I actually do stick on there from time to time.

5) Remember, you CAN handle it

Unless you've really overbooked yourself (like, 10 classes and 30 hours a week at work overbooked), your schedule is probably a lot more manageable than it seems. You can handle it. Really. Unless you start feeling like you really, really can't, in which case it's time to make some changes.


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