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Drum Circles and Bingo


What do drum circles and bingo have in common?  Why, the answer is simple:  they were both events at UE’s Family Weekend!  The UE Music Therapy Association hosts musical bingo each year, and this year, we added a drum circle.  I also played in the annual Family Weekend concert and led the music at Catholic Mass that weekend.  The hard work of preparing for this weekend always pays off, and once again, the weekend was a great success.

So let me give a quick rundown.  On Friday, students, families, and friends played musical bingo, a twist on regular bingo.  No numbers.  The emcee played a song, and those in the crowd enthusiastically yelled out the title. One put a marker on that title, until he or she got five in a row, or diagonal, or … you get the picture.  Those who bingoed got a cupcake!  Categories included Male Heart Throbs, Disney songs, Rock, and more.  You can see why people get into it.

Musical Bingo participants!

Musical Bingo participants

On Saturday morning, we led a drum circle outside on the beautiful lawn between Morton Residence Hall and Neu Chapel.  Students and their families could play drums and other percussion instruments.  We incorporated different drum circle activities, songs, and chants.  As a music therapy major, I feel obligated to point out that this drum circle was NOT music therapy.  Drum circles are sometimes used in therapy, but they are carefully crafted with a specific goal and purpose in mind, tailored to the individuals’ needs.  Our event was simply a recreational drum circle, which also has several benefits, but it is not therapy.  Our drum circle was a unique and fun event that was particularly suitable for families.  It’ll definitely be on the schedule next year. :)


I'm leading a chant with three other peers.describe the image


Saturday afternoon, the music department’s three major ensembles, University Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and University Choir, performed a concert.  It’s a fun atmosphere and a great time for proud moms, dads, siblings, etc. to see their relation play or sing. 

Sunday morning, I helped lead the music for Catholic Mass with the Bishop of the Diocese of Evansville, Most Rev. Charles Thompson.   Afterwards, we all gathered in the Newman Center for coffee, donuts, and good times.

Family Weekend is fun for, well, students and families.  And friends.  UE does a great job providing a variety of events each year, and I’m glad to be a part of it.  


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