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The Truth About Fall Festival


Fall fest photoLast week marked the single most important event in Evansville during the course of a year: Fall Festival. 

For people not from Evansville (like me) the festival combines culture shock and people watching into the second largest street festival in the country (After Mardi Gras in New Orleans).

The festival itself is somewhat like a state fair with lots of fried food. It helps many local organizations, such as churches and baseball teams, fundraise. A popular favorite among UE students is the fried cookie dough. Personally, I go for the pumpkin icecream. 

There are many carnival rides and games but I really don't understand how people can ride the rides after eating so much fried food.

Some nights, the local newstations even broadcast the nightly news live from the festival. It seems the whole Evansville community comes out to eat, people watch, and enjoy the atmosphere.

I went twice last week, including one time with international students who enjoyed trying the variety of food. But I know some students eat there every night during the week.

In summary, Fall Fest is something I will remember from my UE experience as a crazy, over-the-top, and entertaining highlight to the fall semester.


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