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Top 6 Things I Miss about High School


When I first considered what I miss about high school, I thought my list would be longer than six points.  I thought, life was so much easier back then!  Less to do, more free time, less pressure . . . life was good.  Upon further reflection, I realized that I don’t miss as much of high school as I thought.  College is pretty fabulous.  I don’t have to wake up at 6:30 every morning, I get to enjoy the independence of living on my own, I have less class time—albeit more homework—and my weeks are full of exciting and fun educational and (sometimes) recreational activities.  However, there are a few things (6, in my opinion) that make me wish—for about .2 seconds—that I were back in high school.   


6.  Being done with class for the day at 3 p.m.  Yes, there were sports and band practices, music lessons, and homework, but class was finished at 3 p.m.  Now, some of my classes last until 5 p.m. or later, some students have night classes, and clubs, rehearsals, and other commitments go on well into the evening.


5. Knowing (almost) every single person in school.  I went to a pretty small high school, so I knew almost everyone in grades 9-12, and lots in grades 7 and 8.  If I didn’t know him or her, I probably knew something about her, what sport she played, who her older sister was, etc.  I still go to small college (the University of Evansville has an enrollment of about 2500), and I know lots of people, but I sometimes miss knowing everyone in the hallways.


4. Having time to attend sporting events.  I had lots of school spirit in high school, and I have lots of UE pride as well!  I love attending sporting events.  I went to all high school home basketball and football games (even before band required me to) and various other sport competitions.  I would love to attend more UE sporting events, but my class/rehearsal schedule and my homework and commitments keep me from making it to many. :(


3. Having an entire semester to write a 10-page paper.   There isn’t much to say about this.  Now, sometimes 5, 7, 10-page papers will be assigned a little over a week in advance.  Which means you better get your rear in gear to get it done on time.


2.  “Fluff” grades.  Worksheets, easy daily assignments, and little tests and quizzes all formed the fluff that surrounded “bigger” test grades in high school (and back then, “bigger” wasn’t very big).  Basically, it was all fluff.  There wasn’t a ton of pressure for one test or one assignment.  In college, your entire grade may consist of three tests and a paper.  There’s little room for mistakes there . . . no fluff. 


1.  Laundry, cooking, and cleaning was, for the most part, done for you.  Yes, I helped out around the house.  But now, having my own apartment and no meal plan, I do all of my laundry, must cook almost all of my meals, and do all of the cleaning, bathroom and all.  My meals are much less extravagant than what I eat at home.  I even miss the simple things, like being able to say, “Mom will you cut an apple for me?” and “Dad, will you make me a milkshake?”  Alas, take advantage of these simplicities while you can!  (And ask your mom for cooking tips before you have to fend for yourself!)


Overall, in my opinion, college trumps high school.  However, I greatly enjoyed high school and its own challenges and fun times.  In fact, I wouldn’t be here without it. :) 


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