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Five Ways to Enjoy Fall at UE


Fall is my favorite season and in my opinion the best time to be at UE. Here are few things that college students can do (budget friendly) to enjoy it!

1. Dress Up in a Ridiculous Costume

Mac n cheese resized 600

I mean, Fall=Halloween for most people (although I contend it lasts at least until Thanksgiving), so take advantage of the one time each year where it is completely accceptable to look ridiculous. In this case, I was dressing up for a Halloween Party at the local stables in Newburgh where I ride a horse named Mac. I was appropiately dressed as cheese. 

2. Pumpkin--Everything! 

describe the image

We all know that Starbucks loves its PSL, and I do too, but it's not really on a college student's budget to get it all the time. So instead, I tend to go the homemade route. 

3. Go Hiking

Audobon photo

Although most students at UE are unaware of it, there is a beautiful state park across the river in Kentucky about 15 minutes from campus called John James Audobon State Park. It is the perfect way to enjoy nature and get off campus.

4. ...or Camping

Camping photo

If you want something more adventurous you could take a road trip to one of Indiana's State Parks and enjoy a weeked camping. This one was taken at Turkey Run State Park, north of Terre Haute.

5. Find a Corn Maze

corn maze resized 600

I mean, when in Indiana, do as the Indianans do, right? It's hard to not find corn, and there are several good corn mazes not too far from campus. It's especially great to do them at night...just remember to bring a cell phone in case you get lost!


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