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What I didn't expect going from high school to college


As you would expect, high school to college is a transition.  Besides the obvious of living in a dorm, a stranger you call your roommate, new friends, and different food choices, the most prominent change I experienced and wasn't expecting was with the work done outside of class.

Work outside of class shifted from homework to studying for me in college.  In high school those two words were synonymous, but not in college.  Most classes don't have daily homework assignments due so it is up to you to stay on top of the material leading up to exams.  Confession time: usually I never actually read the textbooks in high school...different story in college.  Reading before class helps give you an idea of what lecture will be over, or reading after lecture helps (hopefully) further your understanding of what the professor talked about.  And speaking of reading, another book I would definitely recommend for any classes in particular you're strugging with are the "______ for Dummies" books (lifesaver for me in organic chemistry!).

Another change was the amount of studying.  I've heard different numbers thrown around..."3 hours outside of class for every hour of lecture" and "4-6 hours of studying per day".  But I can tell you from personal experience that studying takes as long as it takes for you to understand.  I had studied 7-8 hours for a final exam in high school, but for a couple classes here at UE I've studied that much for a regular exam.  

The responsibility for understanding the material and being prepared falls more on you in college and although it will be an adjustment it is completely manageable.  And even moreso if you expect it!

This is an interesting article I read about study time in college, just more food for thought:

Is college too easy?  As study time falls, debate rises.


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