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Prioritize Your Life!


If I haven't told y'all before, I love basketball. I love playing basketball, I love watching basketball, and late at night when I'm in bed, I'm typically thinking about basketball (or cake). I think one of the reasons I think I love basketball so much is because I had an awesome coach in high school. He is a man I have a great amount of respect for, and he taught me about way more than basketball.

Before every season, coach would sit us down and tell us what his priorities are. And every year, he would tell us that coaching basketball, and coaching us, was the fifth most important priority in his life. Then he would tell us what was more important to him than we were, and through those discussions I gained so much respect for him. 14-17 year olds don't wanna hear that they aren't that important, but after he explained it, I understood why his priorities were in that order. He also lived in such a manner that I knew he was telling us the truth about the order his priorities were in.

I typically try to avoid giving advice, but this technically isn't advice directly from me. I'm just passing it along. So, here it is: Set your priorities! Then once you know what your priorities are, write them down. It might seem strange for a 19 year old to have his priorities written down, but at this particular point in my life I know what my goals and dreams are for the next few years. I wrote down what I think the five most important things in my life are right now, and I hung that list at the foot of my bed so I see it every night before I go to sleep. Since I know what is most important to me, it makes making tough decisions a little bit easier. So figure out your priorities, write 'em down, then live that way. 

Now I'm not saying naps are my number one priority,

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