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15 ways to avoid the Freshman 15!

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Everyone has heard of it, and many have lived the dreaded.....Freshman 15! In high school you have designated mealtimes, sports practices after classes, homecooked meals, and Mom or Dad watching over you. Now, it's time to move away from all of that. Many students struggle with the new freedom and challenges, and their health starts to become a secondary priority. Here are some quick tips to avoid gaining weight and maintain your health while having a blast in college!

1. Stay hydrated! Water will keep you full, your body's metabolism and systems working properly, and help you avoid high calorie sodas and sports drinks.

2. Make sleep a priority! Your body needs the time to rest in order to run properly!

3. Start each meal with a salad (avoid the heavy cream dressings) or glass of water. This will help you get your vegetable servings for the day and keep you from overeating on unhealthy foods.

4. Pre-package healthy snacks. You will be busy so plan ahead so the bag of chips aren't a last resort!

5. Drink you coffee black. Avoid the extra calories in sugar and creamer (and save money).

6. Go to the free fitness center classes! They are conducted by certified professionals, and allow for a great group workout.

7. Sign up for intramurals! Love sports in high school, but you don't want to dedicate that much time in college athletics? Stay active and competitve with intramural sports! 85% of our campus does :) Best get a tshirt for winning playoffs.

8. Start or join a club team! Need more competition than intramurals. Start or join a club sport team and play college teams all around the area or country!

9. Plan workouts in your daily schedule. If you write it in your planner, you are more likely to follow through with it! (Fun Tip: Sign up for a 5k, go ice-skating, canoeing, or hiking around the area to mix fun with fitness!)

10. Avoid high calorie drinks at restaurants or bars. It is easy to rack of 500 calories with a few drinks when you go out! Be careful not to fall into this trap!

11. Avoid the fried food every day! Moderation is key.

12. Splurge every once in a while! Don't deprive yourself or your diet will not be sustainable. It's college!

13. Keep a few go-to meals in your dorm room. You are less likely to go on that taco bell run after you missed dinner if you have food in your room.

14. Find a workout buddy! This will keep you on your schedule and hold you accountable to workout even after a long day of classes!

15. Use a calorie counter on your phone. Even if you aren't dieting, being aware how many calories that BigMac really has in it may make you think twice! No smart phone? Keep a food diary instead!


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