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Today, we all woke up to the wonderful news that all classes were cancelled due to the weather! Snow days at UE are very uncommon, given that the campus is relatively easy to walk around. However, the roads are dangerous today due to the ice that fell over the night.

Now, at almost 3pm, the snow is still falling, much to our sheer delight. The roads look very bad and most people are not going anywhere they can't walk to. And we can turn up all of the Christmas songs that talk about snow. 

ridg snow

My friends and I enjoyed walking around campus and surprising each other with snowballs. Some students have never seen snow before and were very excited! Many of us were yelling "This is the best day EVER!" and then plopping on the ground to make snow angels. It was as if we, like Rapunzel, had been locked up in a sad land with no snow and now, suddenly everything is fantastic. 

As I watch out of my window, people are trudging through the snow wearing heavy coats. It looks as if the snow is not about to stop any time soon...although of course by February we will be sick of it I am sure.

For now, though, it is just about enjoying the Christmassy time, drinking hot chocolate, and attempting to study for finals.

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