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A College Student's Christmas


As you grow up, the Christmas season starts to be a different kind of a thing. When you're a kid, it's all about the thrill of Santa and writing your letter and waiting for presents to appear by magic under the tree. But as you grow up, things start to change.My view while studying in Ridgway

First, you probably stopped believing in Santa. Eventually, you started giving gifts instead of just receiving them. Then some of us started workin retail, and came to associate the holiday season with Black Friday and retail madness and music that starts towards the end of October and seems well worn out by the time December rolls around.

And then, there's college. Christmas (or any holiday, I imagine) in college is a different sort of an animal. In the weeks leading up to winter break, how do college students get in the holiday spirit without their family around to help put up and decorate the tree, or any of the other traditions they were used to while growing up? 

photo 3Well, for starters, there's the decorations that go up all around campus. Every building I've entered this past week, more or less, had a gorgeous (purple themed, of course) Christmas tree set up. There's also a ton of events on campus, including the opportunity to get your picture taken with Purple Santa and loads of free hot chocolate.

But there's something about Christmas that always makes me want to decorate. With the lack of space to spruce up and the lack of storage space for decorations when they're not in use, college kids have to get a little bit creative when it comes to decorating, but somehow we always manage.

It's a little sad in our tiny apartment, without space for a decent-sized tree. This year, my roommate's mother shipped us a lovely little tree, which we managed to cram in just about the only open space available. It's a tiny thing, but it really makes the place feel more festive.

We added some Christmas lights around the windows and some penguin-themed window clings and BAM, instant college kid Christmas. It certainly beats our decoration choices last year, which featured a coloring book page Christmas Tree taped to the wall, under which we piled the presents we'd describe the imagebought one another.The year before that, I was in the dorms, and coloring book pages were about as exciting as it got, although I did remember to bring the small tree my grandma had given me, which sat in front of the TV, the only space we had for it.

Regardless of the creativity required, it's definitely still possible to get into the holiday spirit while you're waiting eagerly for winter break to start. I highly recommend it as a way to break up the stress of the end of the semester.

Finals week may be nearly upon us, but in this apartment at least, so is a little Christmas spirit: a perfect match for all that snow!


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