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College Survival Tips: 5 Ways To Stay Sane During FINALS


So, as you may remember, I wrote a post back at midterms offering five ways to avoid losing your mind during midterms. But as we all know, midterms are only the practice round, revving us up for finals week.

While all those other tips are still perfectly valid, I thought I'd offer you five more ways that you can keep your cool, survive until the holidays, AND finish out the semester strong.

1) Stay Positive/Focus on the Good Things

One of the main things I've learned in college is the importance of remembering the ups, even when it seems like you're at the bottom of the deepst down--ever. So, even if it seems a little silly at first, consider starting a gratitude log, writing down a few things throughout the day that made you smile.

Alternatively, if you're an iPhone user, you can download the free app Happier, which is a social gratitude log that prompts you to record at least 3 happy things every single day. You can also join online, at their website. I've been using it for about a week now, and I hightly recommend it!

2) Have a laugh (even if it's at yourself)

Similar to keeping track of the smiles, it's a good idea to relieve stress with a little laughter. I recommend looking at posts like this one(Finals Week as told by Elf), which makes finals week almost seem hilarious rather than being a giant ball of stress.

3) Time Off

Remember, even though finals are exhausting, it's still the holidays. Take a little time to enjoy these last few weeks with your campus friends. Exchange small gifts. Bake cookies. Watch Christmas movies. Do something small that makes it feel more like holiday season than like finals season. It'll make you feel better. I promise.

4) Say OM

If you're like me, your brain is STILL going to be racing thinking about all the things that you have to do this week, no matter how much you bribe it with cookies and internet videos. To calm those racing thoughts, consider starting a meditation practice. Here's a 10 minute anti-stress guided meditation video that I like.

If sitting still isn't your thing, you can also do a little bit of yoga, which is about as calming as meditation, without the leg cramps. There are plenty of free videos available on YouTube, if you just do a search.

And if you're not into the new age/Buddhist scene, there are plenty of other ways to clear your mind. Take a long shower or bath (if you've got the luxury of a bathtub), paint your nails, do a facial, or work up a sweat in the gym.

5) Treat Yourself

This is similar to the "reward system" aspect of my post for midterms, because I'm a big believer in rewarding yourself for a job well done. Get yourself something nice after all that hard work, whether it's ordering some Chinese food, a pizza, or having some chocolate. Just make sure you've earned it first, so that when you sit down to take that final, you're calm, relaxed, and ready to go.


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