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Survive or Thrive? The Secrets to Finals Week


5 tips for studying for finals

It's that time of year when my roommates don't see me. I bury myself in some nook of Ridgway where I spend most of my time studying...or struggling against being easily distracted...or just reaching mental overload. 

And, perhaps I'm not the best one to ask about how to best study for finals, since last night I started Mockingjay (The third book of the Hunger Games Trilogy) at 10pm and read it until I was finished. But nevertheless, this is my fifth round of taking college finals and here are my ways to not only survive but thrive on your finals.

1) Leave campus for a bit

This may seem counter-intuitive, but yes, you need to leave campus. Get in a car, or have a friend drive you someplace. Spend at least some of your time studying off campus to get away from distractions. Some good places in Evansville include the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library (or as I say, the EVPL), Donut Bank (if you don't know what it is, you've never had real donuts), and Starbucks.

2) Study in increments of 45-50 minutes.

Studies show that we do better studying for shorter periods of time with breaks. Make sure to give yourself breaks for walks, short talks with friends, and naps.

3) Actually sleep.

No, I'm not sure anyone really absorbs material past 3am. At that point you need to be lucid enough to actually understand the printed words on your exam, so sleep is probably a better option.

4) Study with others

Yes, if not careful this can backfire. But honestly, if you don't get terribly off-topic, it can be really helpful to have friends help you understand difficult concepts and motivate you to study.

5) Study alone

Studying with others is great, but you need to make sure you can master the concepts on your own, unless you are taking a group final, which you probably aren't. 

And ultimately, actually study, because I'm convinced that looking at buzzfeed for hours on end will not get you a better grade in Finance.


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