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What to Do? Four Cheap Things to Do Off-Campus


As anyone who has set foot on campus this past couple weeks can see, this is a hectic time of the semester. Papers, projects, finals run rampant. While it’s extremely important to take these seriously, though, you have to take some time off, if only to stay sane. Otherwise you’ll find yourself muttering snippets of the periodic table or reciting a litany of the theories of major literary critics under your breath, even when you aren’t studying, looking insane in the so doing. And possibly going insane, at that. While you can have a lot of fun even in your dorm or apartment (hello, baking cookies and watching Disney movies!), sometimes it’s nice to get off campus for a while, even if only for an hour. See something other than college students pulling their hair out, for once. Of course, there are plenty of things to do in Evansville…but many of them can be kind of expensive. Here are four things you can do for less than $10, to help you stay sane and relaxed during the dreaded Finals Week:

  1. Go to a movie. “But movies are so expensive!” you say. Understandably. But this week, my roommate and I were looking to go to Catching Fire, and decided to catch a matinee, mostly because it worked the best with our schedules. To our great joy, we discovered that AMC Theatres has matinee tickets for $4.50. That’s like half the cost of a normal ticket. Take a mid-day study break and catch the new Hunger Games movie, Frozen, or The Hobbit for less than the cost of a meal at Ridgeway. Pro tip: Basically everything at the concessions stand is still more expensive than the cost of your ticket. Plan accordingly.
  2. Get a cheap (and delicious) dinner at Jeanne’s Gelato and More. Conveniently located at the corner of Lincoln and Weinbach, it’s literally a two-minute walk from campus. The gelato is very good, of course, but I personally love the panini, most of which are around $5-6, again, a good meal (with chips) for almost no money (and no driving, so you can take a quick study break and then go back to being a miserable student!). Pro tip: Bring your student ID and pay in cash for a discount.
  3. Visit the Evansville Public Library. Yes, I know, most people aren’t as in love with reading as I am. But even if you don’t spend hours glued to your chair with a book, it’s still a cool place to go. The selection of books is HUGE, so you can find something there to suit any interest. Also, free DVD check-outs mean that you can watch things that you can’t get on Netflix for free. Pro tip: There are many branches, but the one downtown is by far the most interesting. Also, to get a card, you need something with your local mailing address on it, so make sure to bring a piece of mail with you.
  4. Go ice skating at Swonder, a rink just off Boeke road and only a couple miles from campus. I’m a pretty terrible skater, despite my Minnesota roots, but it’s still a lot of fun, even if you spend a lot of time on your butt. Not only is it a fun way to spend time with friends, but it’s also really good exercise too, letting you get some of that stress out. Pro tip: Some of the sessions are around $8-9, but check their website for $5 daytime skating (and fewer crowds!).

So remember, finals are important, but you’ve got to take some time to RELAX and get off campus this week. Your sanity and grades will thank you. 


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