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Please do not be alarmed by the capital letter explosion in the title of this post. "DO IT AGAIN" is something that my high school football coach used to scream at me (a lot) and my teammates (sometimes) when we did something incorrectly. As a result, it has become ingrained in my memory and subconscious. Fortunately, this phrase is being used this time with mucho excitement instead of with anger and frustration. I have returned to the University of Evansville for the spring semester of my sophomore year to DO IT AGAIN!

A week ago yesterday, I left home (my actual home) to return home (Schroeder Hall). I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world, because when I leave my actual home and my loving family, I get to come to this amazing place where I feel just as at home as I do when I'm in Ohio. I get to come back to great friends, great faculty, and a really really really average roommate. (Will, if you're reading this, I think you're actually slightly above average. Also, please take out the trash.)

For the first time in my college life, I am only taking one core science class instead of two. This means that I will hopefully have a lot more free time, which will lead to so much more time for activities, which will maybe lead to more blog posts about all the awesome things going on here. Time to get excited, because we're back at it again.

P.S. I didn't do anything exciting or crazy over winter break, because not much exciting or crazy happens in Ohio. But at least the people are nice.

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