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You Know You're a Senior When...



1.  People ask you your future plans at least once a day.

. . . and you really can’t blame them.  It’s like the inescapable freshman questions:  “What’s your major?”  “Where are you from?”  The step after college varies for different people; jobs, internships, grad schools, and “I’m not sure” top the list.  As much as you try to hide from it, the “What are your plans after graduation?” question cannot be avoided.

2.  Massive assignments no longer phase you.

Papers, projects, assignments, etc.  What used to take weeks to complete and cause stress you now simply label “nbd”.

3.  You feel like every student on campus is younger than you.

This is probably false.  Nevertheless, as a senior, you’ve been here (probably) (at least) three and a half years.  You know the campus inside and out, and you see those who don’t.  Therefore, you feel older, and that’s all that matters.

4.  You want lots of free time to enjoy yourself, yet want to be involved in everything you can before college is over.

Aw shoot . . .you never joined that one club.  You never sang in choir at least one semester.  You never went on the annual skiing trip.  You’ll do a few new things this semester…but you’ll also cherish your free time to hang out with friends you won’t see much of after graduation, go out to eat as your wallet allows, and simply enjoy being in college.  Because that time, my senior friend, is almost over.

5.  You can’t wait for graduation, yet you want to stay here forever.

You’re tired of writing papers, studying all day, and being sleep deprived.  You’re just over this whole being-a-student thing; I mean, you’ve been a student practically your whole life!  But (it seems there’s always a “but”) . . .you actually enjoy college.  Studying isn’t so bad.  You have lots of friends here.  Real-life responsibilities aren’t in full swing yet.  And people say college is the best time of your life . . . and now you know what they mean.


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