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An Ode to My Sweatshirts (5 Things About College I'm Going To Miss)


This morning I got up, took one look at the temperature on my weather app, and immediately decided that any day where it started at 5 degrees was a day for wearing a sweatshirt, thick leggings, and a pair of fuzzy boots to class. Forget about fashion; when it drops below 40, it's all about staying warm.

But that got me thinking about the fact that some day (some day soon, perhaps) I'm going to be a real adult. With a real job. A real job that most likely won't like me just showing up in a sweatshirt, regardless of how many "I'm more productive when I'm comfy" arguments I make.

Along this topic, I bring you the 5 things about being in college that I'm really going to miss.

1) Sweatshirts To Class

Welcome to college. No one expects you to look cute every time you drag yourself to that 8am. Or any class, really. Being in college is like getting a free pass on fashion, makeup, and all those other things people are apparently expected to keep up with in order to look nice. Here, it's all about showing up to class and learning, and it's totally okay if you want to do it in sweatpants.

2) A Good Excuse to Buy 30 Books at a Time

I'll admit it, I get really excited about book lists. When it gets around time for them to be posted, I start checking the bookstore website every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. There's nothing quite like the joy of getting to say "No, I can't save this money for food and shelter because I HAVE to buy these 30 books. Non negotiable." Once I'm a real adult, people will expect me to put things like the electric bill and gas money before my book money. And this will make me sad.

3) "It's Your Job to Learn"

You've probably heard some variation of this during your college years. At least, I know I have. And while I like to remind people that learning doesn't pay and that's why I have a part time job and a work study, it's true that the focus and bulk of my labor hours are devoted to reading for class, going to class, and procrastinating--I mean writing--papers for class. Granted, if everything works out for me, I'm cheating with this one, because reading will STILL be my job. But it's nice to tell people I can't go be a "productive" member of society because I have homework (otherwise known as, I'd much rather be reading Jane Austen right now).

4) Only Having to Drive To Work and the Grocery

Now, this depends on where I settle down, of course, but I'm really going to miss the fact that everything on campus is within walking distance. Yes, even when it's cold, I drag myself outside and get a little exercise and save a little money on gas by walking where I need to be for the day. I only use my car a few times a week, for trips to the grocery and to work. And I really like that excuse to get outside every day, because otherwise I tend to turn into kind of a hermit.

5) The People

College is also great because all or most of your friends live on campus, within walking distane. Some of us are lucky and our best friend lives within arm's length most of the time because we're roommates. In the real world, people have these things called houses and apartments and you might have to, like, get in your car and drive to go see them. What's up with that?

Also, when we graduate, we're all headed to different places. And that makes me kind of sad.

So those are the 5 things I'm going to miss most about college. To all you underclassmen out there, cherish it well! Oh, and here's hoping that, even though it won't be the same, I get to add two or three more years of saying "learning is my job" by going on to grad school.


Very nice. Good Luck in your search for a great Grad School.
Posted @ Thursday, January 30, 2014 6:56 AM by Carolus Magnus
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